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Scotchgard SeatTreatments For Uber Drivers


As an Uber driver you should bear in mind that passengers are the reason you have a business and keeping them happy should be your priority. When a rider is happy while riding in your vehicle, the probability of getting good ratings and tips is very likely.

Keeping your car in good condition is instrumental in having a successful Uber business. No passenger will be happy while sitting inside an unkempt car. Once you drop a passenger, it is important to do a quick sweep of your car before picking up a new passenger. Clean the floor mat in case the previous passenger dragged in dirt or mud; check your seats for stains and keep forgotten items out of sight. scotchgard

It is important to invest in certain items like a durable floor mat, wipes and seat treatments for keeping those seats stain free. Scotchgard is an important item an Uber driver should have for the quick and easy removal of seat stains and repelling liquid spills.

In this post, we will review top scotchgard seat/carpets treatments an Uber driver needs to have in his car.


Scotchgard Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector, 1 Can, 10-Ounce

This product is great for your car interior. It protects your car seats and carpets from spills by causing liquids to bead up on the fabric surface for easy cleanup. It repels water and even oil spills. It is also protects your carpets from soil stains. Just follow the directions on the can and you are good to go about your business. This product costs just $10.


Scotchgard 4106D-2PK Fabric & Upholstery Protector, 2 Cans, 10-Ounce

This product works on various household items and even car interior. Before you begin your day, spray all over your car seats to repel water spills and stains. You can even use it on your clothing like shirts, dresses, silk ties, suits, outerwear, canvas shoes and more. This way, you look neat while working. This product is odorless and stain-free. Get these 2 cans for just $20.44


Scotchgard Water and Sun Shield with UV Protector, 1 Can, 10.5-Ounce

Water spills can leave your seat with a huge stain or even have your car smelling damp. This isn’t a good look. This product was made to repel moisture by creating durable water barrier that keeps your seat dry for a long period. The water slides right off the seats. It also protects your seat from UV sun rays. The sun rays can be harmful to the fabric covering your seats by making them appear faded. Your job keeps you outside through the rain and sun, so this product is vital to any Uber driver.  It costs $10.20.



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