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Handling an Accident While Driving For Uber


As an Uber driver, getting into accident while driving for Uber can be nerve wracking. Not only are you worried about yourself and your vehicle; you might be carrying a passenger who might also be at risk. As an Uber driver, you are bound to spend quite a number of hours on the road and as they say, “accidents happen”. To ensure that you have some kind of protection when accidents happen, it is important to have some degree of insurance coverage. In some instances, Uber’s insurance will kick in while in other instances, your insurance will have to cover the cost of the damages (we will review these instances momentarily).

It is important to know what to do in tricky situations like this. In this post, we will describe steps to take and certain precautions to abide by when in an accident while driving for Uber

This tips will ensure you have sufficient information to back up your claims. Accident While Driving For Uber

Before we tell you what steps to take, let’s review in 3 instances when Uber’s insurance will likely kick in.


  • When you log into the app and waiting for a ride request

In this instance called Period 1, you might want to contact your insurance provider. Ensure that your insurance provider has prior knowledge of your job as a rideshare driver. This way, they can provide you with adequate cover that will kick in for this situation. If they do not know you are a rideshare driver prior to your accident, they might refuse your insurance claims. Uber will not provide collision cover but might spring to provide liability cover (at a much limited rate).


  • When you accept the ride request and on your way to pick up the passenger

In this situation, Uber provides liability and collision coverage of up to $1 million dollars with a $1000 deductible.


  • When you pick up a passenger and driving to their destination

Uber provides liability and collision coverage of up to $1 million dollars with a $1000 deductible.


What to do when you are involved in an accident while driving for Uber:


  1. It is important to stay calm
  2. Check to see if you and your passengers have injuries or are in harm’s way
  3. Call the paramedics and the police if necessary
  4. Within the first minutes of the accidents, use your phone to take pictures of the scene; focus on details like the damage to your vehicle from all angles, the other party’s license plate, vehicle, drivers’ license and insurance card.
  5. Check for witnesses and get their information. Be sure they are willing to corroborate their version of the accident when called upon to do so.
  6. Never accept you are at fault. Just listen and take notes if possible
  7. Overall be polite and respectful. Do not get into altercations that might escalate the situation.
  8. If asked for your insurance details, provide Uber’s insurance details. This information can be found on the Uber app. Relay this information to the other party.


Once you have done all the above, contact the nearest Uber local office in your city or find help within the app. According to Uber’s website, to relay the details of the accident; Head to Trip Issues and Fare Adjustments on the app > I was in an accident. Then, let Uber know what happened. Uber will reach out to confirm everyone’s safety and gather any other required information.



Your online status on the Uber driver app during the accident will determine who to contact during an accident. If you were offline, it is best to contact your personal insurance company as Uber will not bear responsibility. If you were on online mode in the driver app and driving to pick up a passenger or drop off a passenger, you must contact Uber first. The important thing is to handle things professionally if you get in an accident while driving for Uber.

During investigations, Uber will deactivate your account and this can take up to few weeks. You will not be allowed to pick up passengers until investigations have been concluded.

We wish you safe driving.


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