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All About Arro Rideshare


It is without doubt that Uber is a giant in rideshare. The company provides a plethora of services tailored to suit different budgets and styles. In some cities where Uber launched, the service has met with opposition from local taxi drivers who feel that the ridesharing service enjoys unfair advantages in various markets. Uber apparently did this by introducing dirt cheap rates in these cities to the chagrin of local taxi operators. Arro

This development has met with different forms of protests. In France for example, local taxi drivers took to the streets in an anti-uber protest that quickly escalated into guerrilla warfare. Local taxi drivers in America as well have protested the unfair advantage Uber has over them as Uber drivers don’t have to pay license fees to operate and rides could be requested right from a mobile phone.


All About Arro Rideshare

Arro, a ride hailing app is partnering with CMT technologies to give local taxi drivers a fair chance at competing with Uber. Creative Mobile Technologies is a technology company that created the technology and media systems you find in some local taxis in America. Local taxi drivers who have the CMT technology installed in their cabs can be hailed by Arro users.


What This Means

Local yellow taxis will now be hailed on the streets as well as via the Arro app. Arro is an online based rideshare service that allows its users hail local taxis on-demand. The company operates in over 5 cities in the U.S including New York, Chicago, Houston, Boston and San Francisco. This is great for those who prefer to ride exclusively with yellow cabs. Now, you can request a cab right from the comfort of your home.


Not exactly a novel development

In a bid to assuage irate local taxi drivers in select cities, Uber also designed an API that allows its users request local yellow taxis. Arro has argued that its direct integration with local taxis makes it more convenient for both riders and drivers to request and accept rides respectively.


Features of Arro Rideshare

  1. No surge pricing
  2. Easy payments with in-app payment systems
  3. Local taxi drivers are said to be safer than other drivers due to licensing
  4. Hail taxis offline and online and still pay with app
  5. Faster arrival times


What we think

Arro still has a long way to go if it has its sights on toppling Uber in the cities it operates in. Not all local taxis are equipped with CMT technology and cabs that don’t have this technology installed can’t be hailed by Arro users. What this means is that there will be less local taxis available to Arro users and slower arrival times for drivers. It is been reported that Arro is in talks to partner with technology giant, Verifone in New York City. If this partnership is successful, there will be more local taxis operating on the Arro platform and then maybe Arro will stand a chance.



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