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How To Book Uber Without An App In India


Ride hailing giant Uber continues to devise innovative ways to connect passengers with rides seamlessly. Previously, passengers could only book Uber via the Uber app but Uber in India is changing all that. By introducing ‘Dial an Uber’ and ‘Request a Ride for Others’, the taxi aggregator will simplify how Indian commuters use Uber. This way, passengers can book an Uber without even downloading the Uber app on their phones. Book Uber

Let’s explore these two (2) features individually:


Book Uber through “Dial an Uber”

With this feature that allows Uber in India commuters “Dial an Uber”, customers can book a ride through Uber’s mobile website by simply keying their phone numbers for authentication. The login page immediately requests your 10 digit Indian mobile number. After entering your number, you then click continue and go on to book an Uber.

The Dial an Uber feature is available across all 29 cities where it operates in India. Testing for this feature in India began in August of 2016. Passengers can access this feature by visiting dial.uber.com website on their phone. There is no need to create an account and passengers can pay using cash at the end of the trip.


Request a Ride for Others

Request a ride for others will allow customers book Uber for someone else. To facilitate the process, Uber will allow the customer who is booking the cab for someone else to share the rider’s phone number and location with the driver. In the meanwhile the rider will get the driver’s phone number via a text message.

Speaking on the launch of these features,  deccanchronicle reported that Apurva Dalal, head of engineering, Uber India stated to the Mint, “We are excited to launch Dial an Uber and Request a Ride For Others for riders in India. Designed to offer simple and more convenient ways to book a ride, these India-first innovations are testament to Uber’s focus on using its technological prowess to make mobility reliable and accessible for everyone.”

India is a huge market for Uber. As the ride sharing giant continues to battle it out with its fierce rival Ola, introducing these new features will help boost patronage.


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