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What to know about Cabify


Cabify is connecting riders with the best local drivers at the best prices with the aim to provide seamless and comfortable transportation. Founded in 2011, Cabify is a Spanish transportation company that allows users request rides via a smartphone. Just like its rival rideshare company Uber, the company is carving quite a niche for itself in the Spanish community.

Ridesharing is gaining strides globally with a regular influx of startups vying to offer specialized services all over the world. In densely populated countries like India and China, bikes and rickshaws are being used to decongest roads and reduce carbon footprints. It is apparent that rideshare is here to stay and companies like Cabify are focused on introducing smart riding solutions all over the world.


More about Cabify

The Spanish company has presence in over 35 cities around the world including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Argentina and so many more. Cabify was founded by entrepreneur Juan de Antonio after a failed attempt to introduce electric vehicles in some European cities. Since then, the company has experienced tremendous growth and recorded over a million downloads in 2016 with a valuation of over $320 million.


How to use the service 

You can register via the app or on the website

To register via the app:

  • Download the app for Androidcabify and iOS from your app store
  • To register via the Web:
  • Visit the website and click on register.


Verify your account

Confirm your payment method. Please note that your payment method can be changed anytime. Users can pay for rides using their credit cards or with a PayPal account.


To Ride

Via the app:

  • Choose your pick up and drop off points
  • Select the type of vehicle you need. You’ll see a price estimate.
  • Check your journey information is correct and press “Order now”.


Types of Cabify Services

  • Executive – This service is offered with classy vehicles like Mercedes S-Class and others
  • Lite – This service uses nice vehicles like Toyota Avensis and other
  • Group – This service offers rides with vehicles that can convey up to six riders
  • Other services include Cabify Express, Cabify Taxi and others.


Cabify’s services targets corporate and private passengers.


For Drivers

All drivers have to undergo a thorough selection process including psychometric tests, drug and alcohol tests and a test of their knowledge of city routes will also be tested. The company aims to make the service a full time job for drivers and in Spain, Cabify drivers are under a commercial contract to provide the service.



The company seems to have taken a friendly approach with the government unlike its rival Uber. It is operating legally in most cities where it has a presence. By operating legally, drivers do not feel unsafe and are free to offer services without fear of being arrested.



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