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All About Call a Bike Bikeshare Service


At the fore-front of the sharing economy is the rideshare behemoth, Uber. With the goal to make global transportation as seamless as running water, Uber found a way to connect riders with drivers who want to use their car as a means of transporting people. The Uber business model has since been emulated by other ridesharing startups hoping to introduce innovative ways of commuting.

To ensure seamless transportation, bikes, trucks, and even rickshaws are being used to simplify transportation. In densely populated countries like India and China, bikes and rickshaws are being used to decongest roads and reduce carbon footprints. In Germany, bikeshare is taking over the country. The country is already saturated with other bike share services like Mobike and ofo. In this post, we will shed more light on Germany’s Call a BikeCall a Bike


More About Call a Bike


German based bikeshare company, Call a Bike officially launched in 2000 providing a dockless bike hire system in various cities. Sometimes, the service provides full coverage or partial coverage. It currently operates in over 15 cities in Germany. Cities, institutions or franchises can take up initiating the service in a new market. The service is run by Deutsche Bahn, a German railway company.


How it works


There are different ways to register for the service. You can sign-up via:

  • The website or by downloading the mobile app
  • In Germany, you can also register via the platforms above and also
  • By calling the company’s customer service line
  • At the terminal



Verify your account

Confirm your payment method. Please note that your payment method can be changed anytime.


To Ride

Each bike is equipped with an electronic wheel lock, a cable lock and a touchscreen LC display system for entering lock codes and viewing prompts.

  • Open the app or the website and locate the bike closest to you
  • Once you arrive at the location of the bike, enter the 4-digit opening code into the bike’s touch screen
  • Remove the cable lock and secure it in its holder



You will be charged an annual membership fee of €3 and a rate of €1 for every 30 minutes, or a full-day price of €12 for 24 hours. Depending on what plan you opt for, note that the rates are capped at €15.



Bike sharing is a great way to reduce the number of cars on the road especially in cities that are densely populated. It will not only reduce traffic congestion but make the roads safer and the environment cleaner.



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