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Learn More About Car2go Car-sharing Service


Cities are benefiting from the impact of rideshare. It has provided more convenient ways of commuting and also, the number of jobs that rideshare services create are providing alternative streams of income for households. Rideshare has taken on various forms including carpooling and even car sharing and riders now know they have various options to choose from. In this post, we will explore how car-sharing service – Car2go works.


What to Know About Car2go


A subsidiary of Daimler, Car2go is a German car rental company concerned with providing car sharing solutions in Europe, China and North America. The service was launched in Ulm, Germany in 2008 and offers Smart vehicles and Mercedes-Benz vehicles to users. The service operates via an app where users can register and access parked vehicles. The service now boasts over 2.5million users and over 15,000 vehicles all around Europe, Asia and North America. Car2go


How to Use Car2go


  • Download the app on the App store or Play store or signup via the website
  • Register your details (The process takes up to 2 business days)
  • No reservations required
  • Access parked cars via the app
  • Park in approved spots all over the city




Car2go charges a per-minute rate but also offers discounts for hourly and daily rentals. Please note the rates cover the cost of rental, maintenance, insurance and parking.


Types of Vehicles


Car2go usually offers smart cars that are solely powered by electricity and also gasoline powered cars. These vehicles are either two-passenger vehicles, the Mercedes Benz GLA or the Mercedes Benz CLA. In the past, the service had to withdraw its smart cars from certain cities like London and San Diego due to a dearth of charging stations. Smart cars in these locations were replaced by gasoline powered cars.




It’s apparent that car-sharing solutions are here to stay. People are buying into the idea of sharing cars rather than owing them. The impact of this type of service on the environment is very positive.



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