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More About Carma Carpool Services


The place of carpooling in our society is becoming prominent. The solutions that carpooling proposes addresses issues that are both detrimental to the environment and also make commuting stress-full.

Over the years, rideshare has taken on various forms but still with the same aim; to simplify transportation while reducing greenhouse emissions and traffic congestion in our cities. To ensure seamless transportation, many cities enforce HOV (High Occupancy Vehicles) rules where roads have dedicated lanes for these vehicles. In a bid to provide smart carpooling solutions, Carma Carpool launched its services in 2007.


More About Carma Carpool

Formally known as Avego, the company changed its name to Carma in August, 2013. The name change heralded a new corporate identity as well. With headquarters in Cork, Ireland, Carma has quite a strong presence in the U.S with offices in San Francisco, Texas, California and others.  In addition to providing app based carpooling services to commuters, the company in 2014 partnered with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) in Texas to introduce automated tolling discount programs for carpoolers in Austin.


How Carma Carpool works


Carma’s premier service was carpooling and this service has since evolved with the introduction of real-time information on vehicles and smart management carried out with GPS and other technologies.

In addition to matching drivers with riders, Carma also provides corporate rideshare services and other shared mobility services.


To use Carma Carpool



One major aspect of ridesharing and carpooling is its impact on the lives of people. You can’t argue that carpooling companies like Carma are doing a great deal to simplify transportation. Rideshare is also fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and also improving quality of living.



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