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Top 5 Ways Of Contacting Uber


Many have expressed displeasure over their inability to contact Uber when needed. This situation took a heightened turn when Uber announced it will be disabling its email support service. Previously, Uber drivers and passengers could get help from the rideshare giant by sending an email to support@uber.com. Uber disabled this platform to get people to seek help via the Uber app. This app is hardly a satisfactory way of contacting Uber as the help you receive will be limited; and many people have come on our platform seeking more ways to contact Uber. We have however, taken it upon ourselves to compile various means of contacting Uber. Please note that this is not an official list. Contacting Uber


Top 5 Ways of Contacting Uber


Through the app

This platform is suitable for drivers and passengers. Drivers can contact Uber via the app. Uber revamped the drivers’ app in 2018 with an inbox option where drivers can receive messages from Uber. The customer support/help menu has been optimized to also show frequently discussed topics. Uber drivers can use the in-app support to resolve issues not addressed on the Uber website. Account issues and fare/driver complaints can all be lodged in-app.



This online platform provides a plethora of basic information to help you get started as a driver or a rider. If you also need help with UberEATS, you can get it here. The site is personalized to tackle issues pertinent to different cities. Just be sure to select a city upon login. Information is tailored according to your choice of city.


Visit Uber’s local office in your area

If you feel your issues are not being resolved in a timely manner, you may decide to make the trip to an Uber greenlight hub around you. Be prepared for long wait times and delays. I will advise you only visit these centers when you have complex issues that have remain unresolved via the app


Customer service numbers

In our previous posts, we took on the task of compiling Uber customer service numbers in over 297 cities. This unofficial master list for contacting Uber contains Phone numbers, Local website information, Local support center addresses, Twitter account information, and Instagram account information in these various locations. To see more, please read our post here – Uber Customer service


Support Via Social Media

You can get Uber’s attention by tweeting at @Uber_support on Twitter. Companies tend to avoid negative press and are quick to respond to complaints made on social media. You can also contact them on Facebook by dropping a comment in any of their posts or sending a message to Uber’s official Facebook page.



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