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More About Haxi Rideshare


By disrupting the global transportation sector, Uber introduced a simpler way to commute without the hassles of traditional taxi hailing. There is a reason why the rideshare behemoth continues to dominate the transportation industry while new entrants scramble to topple Uber’s position. Now, the Uber business model is being incorporated into other forms of rideshare. Uber competitors are forming community based rideshare services to meet the needs of people within a town or city.

Haxi rideshare is one of such community based rideshare services. With Haxi, users who need rides can request rides from registered community drivers.


More about Haxi Rideshare


The service was officially launched in December 2013 by Aleksander Soender, Joonas Kirsebom and Robert Daniel Nagy. It was first premiered in Stavanger, Norway as a web based app. In 2014, its mobile application was launched to make for more convenience. Haxi rideshare is based in London with presence in other cities including Norway and Denmark. The service has since grown from 3,000 drivers and 42,000 users in 2014 to over 12,000 drivers and 100,000 users in 2017.

Haxi began as a “supplement to public transportation” but has since become a preferred mode of commuting for its users. Haxi Rideshare


How does Haxi work


For Riders

  • Download the app on your Android device or iPhone
  • Register your details

To book a ride

  • Click the Shout button (car icon) on the start screen
  • Type where you are going to and your location, how many riders and time of ride
  • Pick a driver from the list and send your ride request to the driver via direct message


For Drivers

  • Download the app
  • Click settings on your profile and choose driver.
  • Give details about the car
  • Choose your hours
  • Choose your subscription service


More about Haxi rideshare subscription


Haxi offers free subscription for limited access and paid subscription services. If you want to use the service for specified days with access to all its features, you need to get an access pass which is not free.


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