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How much do Uber drivers make?



 How much do Uber drivers make

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We wrote this blog post because we often get asked the question – “ how much do uber drivers make ?” In coming up with the statistics discussed in the rest of this blog post we collected our information from the following sources:

  1. Publicly available Uber revenue statistics
  2. Statistics made available by Uber
  3. Driver interviews
  4. Estimations of earnings based on Uber rates per minute and mile (for individual cities across the globe).


“The results”:

  • 18% of Uber Drivers are Uber Black drivers (More than 6 months on the platform
  • 52% of Uber Drivers are Part timers (working less than 20hrs per week)
  • 42 % of Uber Drivers work over 20hrs a week
  • 20% of Uber drivers (1 in 5 drivers) work more than 40hrs a week

The estimated average earnings of UberX Drivers (before costs) in the United States is $45,448 per year before any costs..

Globally, estimated average UberX Driver earnings vary widely anywhere from $11,896 to $92,453 before any costs.



“Estimated earnings in 24 cities around the globe”:


#City Estimated Earnings in US ($) – per yearEstimated Earnings in Local Currency – per year
1Atlanta, US$39,929N/A
2Boston, US$46,032N/A
3Chicago, US$42,358N/A
4Dallas, TX US$39,602N/A
5Houston,TX US$43,965N/A
6Johannesburg, South Africa$38,892R 540,172
7Lagos, Nigeria$19,4983,899, 670 Naira
8London, UK$60,05838,999 Pounds
9Los Angeles, US$43,266N/A
10Mexico City, Mexico$15,596Mex $ 264,343
11Miami Florida, US$42,184N/A
12Minneapolis, US$47,037N/A
13New Delhi, India$15,7081,047,258 Rupees
14New York, US$63,127N/A
15Rome, Italy$65,57158,545 Euros
16San Diego, US$45,011N/A
17San Francisco, US$48,920N/A
18Seattle, US$49,165N/A
19Singapore$26,28137,015 SGD
20Stockholm, Sweden$47,087392,397 KR
21Sydney, Australia$53,763A$ 76,805
22Tijuana, Mexico$16,721Mex $ 283,414
23Toronto, Canada$41,86855,824 CAD
24Washington DC, US$43,950N/A

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Note: The earnings estimates in the table above do not take into account any costs to the Uber driver. Also, the assumption here is that the Uber driver is driving under the UberX platform, and works 40hrs a week.

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