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What To Know About Jump Bike


Ridesharing is gaining strides globally and not only with cars. To ensure seamless transportation, bikes, trucks, and even rickshaws are being used to simplify commute, decongest roads and reduce carbon footprints. Living in large cities usually means encountering heavy traffic and spending hours commuting. What if there is a simpler way to commute without the hassles of spending hours in traffic? What if you could zip through traffic and arrive at your destination in no time? This is the world that bikeshare services like Jump bike aims to create. In this post, we will explore the bikeshare service called Jump. Jump Bike


More About Jump Bike

Jump Bike is a dockless electric bikeshare system that launched in Washington D.C in 2017. These neon bikes are equipped with 250-watt electric motors that serve to power the bikes’ front tire. The battery packs are swapped every 3 days by Jump employees. Like most bikeshare services, the service is app-based and bikes can be located and reserved via the app as well. Bikes reserved in advance can be held for up to 30 minutes. Reservations will be canceled automatically if the bike is not unlocked within that time.


To register

  • Download the Jump app
  • Register your details and enter payment method
  • Once your registration is confirmed, you are free to begin


To Ride

  • Open the app and locate the bike closest to you
  • Once you arrive at the location of the bike, enter the PIN sent to you on the bike controller to unlock the bike



To ride, you will be charged $2 for the first half-hour to rent and then 7 cents per minute after the first 30 minutes has elapsed.


Uber acquires Jump Bike

Uber acquired bike sharing service Jump in April 2018. Techcrunch reported that details of the acquisition were shrouded in secrecy but the final sale price was close to the tune of $200 million. While explaining reasons for the sale, Techcrucnch also reported that Jump CEO, Ryan Rzepecki stated that both companies (Uber and Jump) shared similar visions and goals. The sale will help Jump attain the company’s vision quicker and at a more global scale.

Although Jump’s employee will be joining Uber, the company will function independently as a subsidiary. Jump’s red bikes are a popular fixture in cities like Washington and San Francisco. They can also be found in campuses and corporations.


Jump Bike in Germany

The bikeshare service will be reaching its goal of spreading to Europe by launching in Germany soon. According to Verge, Uber’s CEO Khosrowshahi announced plans to roll out electric bike rentals in Berlin by the end of the year, with more European cities to come. These electrically assisted red bikes will provide riders with a cheap and convenient way to ride.



These electric bikes will serve to bridge the gap between private and public transportation. It will not only reduce traffic congestion but make the roads safer and the environment cleaner.


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