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What You Need To Know About Micab


The rideshare industry is growing with new entrants vying for a fair chance to compete and offer its services in different cities around the world. As a frontier in rideshare, Uber has faced competition in various markets with new and existing rideshare companies hoping to topple the rideshare giant. Now, a Philippines start-up called Micab is using the Uber business model to provide rides using taxi companies.


What is Micab?

Micab was founded in 2012 by Eddie Ybañez and Kenneth Baylosis. The company launched in the province of Cebu in the Philippines to provide taxi hailing service to riders. With over 1,000 cabs operating on the platform, the service connects taxi drivers to riders in a seamless manner. Now, Micab boasts over 4,000 taxis on its platform servicing Metro Iloilo and Metro Cebu with plans to expand into other cities. New and existing taxi fleet companies now have a platform to reach the thousands of riders that use Micab.

Even though Micab is offering an online-based taxi hailing service, users can request rides even when they are not connected to the internet. The service allows users request cabs via SMS as well. With the goal of making the service affordable for its users, Micab has eliminated booking fees and surge rates from its service. The company makes money by advertising brands on the platform.


How Does It Work?

  • Download the app on Itunes and Google play micab
  • Register on the platform
  • Enter your pickup point and destination using the GPS tracker
  • Press “Get micab”
  • After the ride, you can rate the driver as you wish


Features of the Micab App

  • Track your driver’s ETA using the apps GPS tracker
  • Chat or call your driver in-app for free
  • Request a ride without internet (SMS rates apply)
  • View your ride log history in-app



Micab announced its partnership with the Philippine National Taxi Operators Association (PNTOA) and the Association of Taxi Operators in Metro Manila (ATOMM). This partnership will give Micab access to 20,000 taxis, half of which will be deployed by 2018. The service hopes to serve the rest of Southeast Asia in the future.



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