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The Best Phone Mounts For Uber Drivers


As an Uber driver, you need some essential equipment in your vehicle to make driving a lot easier for you.  A dependable phone mount is a must have for all Uber drivers. This posts will discuss a couple of choices that Uber drivers could consider when purchasing phone mounts. Before we delve into that, let’s look at a few reasons why a phone mount is a must-have for Uber drivers.


Why You Need  Phone Mounts

It helps make navigation easier – I have been driven by Uber drivers who use phone mounts and those who do not . What I found out is that those who don’t have a phone mount don’t find it particularly easy picking and dropping their phones  while making turns.

It ensures safety while driving – Driving is an activity that requires 99.9% concentration at all times. When you are behind the wheels, anything that takes your eyes entirely off the road even for a second is dangerous. A phone mount makes it possible for you to keep your eye on the road as the phone will be in your line of sight while glancing at your map.

It makes you look like a 5 star Driver – I like to see a driver well equipped and organized. I feel safer in cars where the driver doesn’t have to look down at their phones every single time. It just makes me feel like they have it all together.


The Top Phone Mounts


Phone mounts

  1. RAM X-Grip

This phone mount is a very nice option. Although a little bit pricey, drivers who don’t mind spending a little more for quality would definitely want to have this.
It costs about
$30 on Amazon. As the name suggests, it has X-shaped grip arms. Also, you can purchase additional hardware to extend the phone out as long as you want. This mount can hold phones are between 1.8 and 3.25 in width. Along with the mount, you’ll be given adhesive which you can use in securing the rubber tips to the grips.


  1. Kenu Airframes

There are two different types of Kenu Airframes and the significant difference between the two lies in the width of the phones they can hold. Airframe will accommodate phones up to 2.8? wide, while the bigger versioPhone mountsn called Airframe+ will accommodate phones up to 3.3? wide. This type of phone mount is usually attached to your car’s vents, and allows the AC to blow directly towards it to keep it cool – which is necessary because your phone is always in use. With soft rubber attached round the mount’s interior, you can be sure your phone is held firm but gently to avoid scratches when you try to dislodge it. Kenu Airframes cost between $20 and  $30 on Amazon.


  1. Wiz Gear

This is a recommended low-cost option some Uber drivers may want to consider – costs about $10 on Amazon. Phone mountsThis mount is magnetic and obviously solves the issue that your phone size might present when you try to purchase a mount. WizGear mount includes two sizes of backing plate – that much value for just $10.


These are three mounts we think might be suitable for Uber drivers. A good driver should not to be in control of anything else besides the wheel with eyes focused on the road. A good phone mount guarantees that. It’s your car, but it’s the passengers’ ride. So try as much as possible to make sure that they enjoy it. It’s a good way to ensure that they have a good experience, and you get a  good stream of 5 star ratings.

Do you have any thoughts? We would appreciate them. Do Use the comment section.




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