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What To Know About Raba Rides In Ghana


Over the years, rideshare has taken on various forms including car pooling and even car sharing. Cities have since been benefiting from the impact of rideshare. People have more convenient ways of commuting and also, the number of jobs that ridesharing creates is providing alternative streams of income for households.

It is such a pleasurable experience when you share your ride with others and this is what carpool services like Raba Rides seek to provide. Since you are headed in the same direction, you can feel safe sharing a ride with coworkers. Commuters also stand to save money and time by commuting to work together every day. In this post, we will share more about Raba Rides in Ghana. Raba Rides


More about Raba Rides in Ghana


This Ghana based service is seeking to create less stressful ways of commuting in the country. The carpooling platform connects people that are going the same way; giving the drivers an opportunity to earn more money and the riders the opportunity to ride in comfort.


How It Works


  • All users must be 18 years or more
  • Signup using Social media platforms like Email, Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Accept Raba Rides terms and conditions
  • Once your registration is verified. You are free to post adverts on the platform


All drivers on the platform must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have a valid driving license
  • Have a valid third-party insurance
  • Vehicles to be used must have 4 wheels and a minimum of 2 seats
  • Private buses are also allowed on the platform




Raba Rides will suggest an amount for the Share of Ride Cost, which notably takes account of the nature of the ride and the distance travelled. Fares collected by Raba Rides are deposited in an account dedicated to the payment of the Car Owners. The company charges a service fee for booking rides via its platform and this service fee is deducted from the fare.

Riders are given 24 hours to file a claim if they feel they have been unfairly charged. If no claims are filed after 24 hours, Raba Rides considers the ride confirmed and the driver or car owner indicates if to have the fare paid into his bank account or his mobile money account.




The place of carpooling in our society is becoming prominent. The solutions that carpooling proposes, addresses issues that are both detrimental to the people and the environment. These solutions seek to simplify transportation while reducing greenhouse emissions and traffic congestion in our cities. In places like Africa where cities are usually overcrowded, initiatives like Raba Rides are a welcome development.



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