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Why You Should Schedule Uber For Airport Trips With The Kommen App


 Schedule Uber When taking a trip, whether for business or personal reasons; ensuring that you are at the airport on time is a priority. It’s no fun to miss your flight, since it’s not exactly easy or free to have a flight rebooked. Making sudden alterations to a flight schedule is usually on a “must need” basis.

This post will give genuine reasons why you need to be proactive in planning your airport trips by letting our Kommen app get you to or out of the airport on time



When you schedule Uber to get you to the airport, this helps you manage and save time. Some mornings are peak periods and getting an Uber driver can be a hassle. Once you have your Uber scheduled, you can focus on getting other issues sorted out in the morning of your trip and not want waste any time trying to secure a ride.


Forget Nothing

With last minute planning, comes the probability of forgetting something important. Getting your rides planned and settled will ensure that you have time to deal with other aspects of your journey and ensure that you don’t have a hard time getting in or out of the airport. You do not want to get all the way to the airport only to realize you forgot to pick up something important.


Avoid Getting Stranded

There are times when waiting till the last minute to request an Uber can be a terrible idea. You may end up either having to pay so high because ‘demand is off the chart’ or there are ‘no cars available’. It is not to say that booking your Uber ahead of time eliminates the ‘no car available’ factor totally, but the automated retry function embedded our Kommen app lets you relax while packing your stuffs without even knowing there is a battle ongoing somewhere to get you a ride.


How to Get Kommen

Kommen is currently available for download on Google Play Store. At the moment, the app is only available on Android, but plans are afoot to launch our iOS App in not time. You can choose to get notified once our iPhone app is released by clicking the ‘notify me’ button on our page. To learn how to use the Kommen app after download, please visit here

To download Kommen go here: www.trykommen.com



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Bye to Surge Pricing When You Schedule Uber Rides With Kommen


Surge Pricing is the ‘uncertainty factor’ you might encounter if you opt for one of Uber’s services. Surge pricing is an upward rise in fares when the demand for rides surpasses the number of available drivers at a point in time. This feature acts as an incentive for drivers to come online and drive during peak periods. Although this feature is largely frowned upon by Uber riders, Uber obviously has valid reasons for practicing surge pricing.

However, the Kommen app (a budding app designed to help people pre-book and schedule Uber rides for up to 30 days) is set to help Uber riders navigate around issues like surge pricing.Schedule uber Our new app which was released on the Android platform on April 17th 2016, allows you schedule Uber rides ahead of time. This could be seen as an
improvement to the on-demand rideshare industry.


How Kommen Solves the Surge Pricing Factor

With Kommen, we never schedule Uber rides during surges: our algorithms are configured to wait till surges end, before booking a ride. This will help you save more.  We also monitor the Uber network and book a ride as soon as a driver is available and fares won’t be affected by surges. If you stay in one of those locations where Uber driver availability is spotty – I am sure this is something that is useful.  If your driver also cancels on you before your scheduled time, we book another ride for you automatically, provided a driver is available.


Even more than just helping you wait it out, booking a ride beforehand with Kommen can help you escape surge hours. Since most rides are booked during peak hours, using Kommen makes you just a few minutes early before the peak time when you schedule uber rides ensuring you are not faced with the hassle of dealing with unavailable drivers.

To download Kommen go here: www.trykommen.com



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Schedule Uber: How To Use KOMMEN


With the advent of our new app called Kommen, you can now schedule Uber for up to 30 days away.Kommen- Schedule an Uber RIde

This is definitely a brilliant development, as it it what many users have been hoping for. In an interview with Startupcast, when asked what brought about the great idea, the founder of Kommen, Malik Akande said: “I run a website (http://www.uberkit.net) where I sell business reports to Entrepreneurs and Uber Drivers. We often get emails from Uber passengers, Entrepreneurs and Uber drivers who have various unfulfilled requests/needs. One of the unfulfilled needs was scheduling Uber rides.” So, if you think you belong to that class of people who might have sent Malik a mail, then you really should get this app.


To Begin

Kommen is an app that you can say is Uber-centric. The primary market target is the community of Uber users. Therefore, to use Kommen you have to be an existing user or you may also open your Uber account easily here. Once you have an Uber account, you can then follow the 4 easy steps below to have your Kommen app running:


STEP 1 – Download the APP

The most reliable way to get the app right now is to go to our product’s site and follow the very easy prompts you find on there. It is necessary to note that our app is only available on the android store now. But not to worry, Kommen is coming up to the Apple App Store soon and you can click the ‘notify me’ button to ensure that you are the first to know once it’s up.


STEP 2 – Sign In

After downloading, just input your Uber account details and watch your app sign you in. The time it takes to verify is very impressive, especially when you imagine the fact that the app has to also verify your account details with Uber.


STEP 3 – Schedule Uber: Input Your Ride Details

The next thing that needs to be done is to schedule Uber rides. You can schedule up to 5 Uber rides at once. Our app uses a google map integration that allows it to determine your location as the pickup spot. As we know, GPS cannot always be 100%, so at times when it isn’t getting your exact location, you are also able to set your location manually. After setting your pickup and destination points, you will then set the date and time of the ride.


STEP 4 – Relax And Wait For Your Event

After you have documented your trip details, Kommen will handle the work from there. The app will go on to book your ride and even notify you once your ride request has been assigned to a driver.Kommen - Schedule an Uber Ride

Although it’s new, you can clearly see that the app is in no way subpar neither is it hard to use. You’re only taken through few simple steps and this is done in the smoothest manner possible. This is a newer way to Uber, and I am sure you would, at one point or the other, find that the app allows you to get your schedule prearranged. Kommen improves Uber’s reliability in terms of scheduling rides.  

That’s how easy it is to use the app, I am hoping that you have already downloaded yours, lets know what you think about the app in the comment section, we would love to hear from you.


To download Kommen go here: www.trykommen.com



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