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Uber 911 Button: All About The Safety Feature


Uber is a comfortable way to ride for cheap. Request a ride using the Uber app downloaded on your phone, select a preferred service (UberX, UberSELECT, UberBLACK and others) and then wait for your driver to arrive. The Uber service is convenient and you can relax while the driver worries about getting you to your destination in record time.

However, the Uber service is not void of loopholes and passengers have to be on guard to be safe during the trip. This is why Uber is introducing a bunch of safety features into the Uber app. These features will include a panic button called “911 assistance”, safety tips developed in partnership with law enforcement, and community guidelines. These features have been pooled together in one place called a safety center and it will be easily accessible right from the app’s home screen during a trip.

In April, 2018, Uber rolled out the Uber 911 button across some cities in the U.S and now, riders can ride knowing that it’s never been easier to reach help when needed. This post will shed more light on how riders can use this feature. Uber 911 Button


How to use the Uber 911 button

  • Click on the safety icon that appears on the lower right corner of the app during the trip
  • Click on the 911 Assistance button in the menu
  • Tap the red Call 911 button

Please note that the feature is only enabled during your trip. Uber also stated that it will soon introduce a feature that allows location sharing between riders who clicked on the Uber 911 button and 911 dispatchers to ensure help gets to the rider as soon as possible.



A number of rape and assault cases have been brought against various Uber drivers around the world. An India Uber driver was arrested for raping a female passenger in December, of 2014. In 2017, an Uber passenger in Virginia was abducted and sexually assaulted by an Uber driver after he picked her up. In California, an unconscious teenage girl was raped by an Uber driver a few feet from her home and was discovered by concerned relatives who used the tracking feature to locate the Uber.

As much as Uber tries to screen drivers thoroughly before registering them as drivers, it is conceivable that bad eggs might slip through the cracks. Despite introducing these safety features within the app, it is important that passengers remain vigilant during trips.


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