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Jump: Uber Bikeshare Service Launches in Germany


It is no news that Uber has experienced push-back in most European cities. The company has encountered protests from traditional taxi drivers in countries like France, Denmark, Germany and Italy. In some cases, the rideshare giant had to pull its services out of countries like Bulgaria and Denmark.

Now, it seems Uber is trying to make its way into the good graces of European cities. Uber will be launching its newly acquired bike sharing service, Jump in Europe starting with Germany. Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi made this announcement during a conference in Berlin where he stated,” “I want this to signal a deep commitment to Germany”. Uber Bikeshare


More about Uber’s acquisition of bikeshare service Jump

Uber acquired bike sharing service Jump in April 2018. Techcrunch reported that details of the acquisition were shrouded in secrecy but the final sale price was close to the tune of $200 million. While explaining reasons for the sale, Techcrucnch also reported that Jump CEO, Ryan Rzepecki stated that both companies (Uber and Jump) shared similar visions and goals. The sale will help Jump attain the company’s vision quicker and at a more global scale.

Although Jump’s employee will be joining Uber, the company will function independently as a subsidiary. Jump’s red bikes are a popular fixture in cities like Washington and San Francisco. They can also be found in campuses and corporations. Now, the bikeshare service will be reaching its goal of spreading to Europe.


Uber bikeshare service in Germany

According to Verge, Khosrowshahi announced plans to roll out electric bike rentals in Berlin by the end of the summer, with more European cities to come. These electrically assisted red bikes will provide riders with a cheap and convenient way to ride.



The Uber bikeshare launch in Germany is hardly a novelty as the country is already saturated with other bike share services like nextbike, Mobike and ofo. However, this is good news for consumers who now have different services to choose from. Also, competition will invariably lead to cheaper prices for riders. It’s good to see Uber making steps to regain lost territories.


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