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Top Uber Cities For Uber Drivers In The U.S


To be labelled as one of the top Uber cities in this context is way beyond the size of the city, population and basic economic factors. It involves the culmination of all the aforementioned factors. Simply put, these factors have to come together seamlessly for a city to be termed “one of the top Uber cities“. Uber cities

A recent survey conducted by Zen99– a San Francisco based financial software company, shed some light on the determining parameters of top Uber cites. The company examined what percentage of a city’s population depends on cars, what proportion is young and open to new tech development, weather conditions,  and average commute times. After examining these factors, they came up with a result that graded all Uber cities according to their possible profitability for rideshare drivers.

The table below is adapted from the results of the survey:


















GAS ($)








1 Washington 38.5 31.7 49.6 56 2.52 1390.9 11.6 76.1
2 Boston 33 34.3 37.3 58 2.26 1174.5 7.8 74.5
3 San


32.7 28.6 51.3 66 2.8 1013.9 10.2 70.4
4 Seattle 20.9 30.6 45.6 47 2.5 1016.9 18.6 68.7
5 Atlanta 8.9 30.3 35.3 60 2.1 1021.5 8.8 64.2
6 Minneapolis 12.5 31.9 29.5 58 2 1373.3 9.4 63.3
7 New York 56.7 25.1 33.6 58 2.6 1614.7 17.7 60.6
8 Austin 4.2 30.6 28.4 60 1.8 1061.2 11.7 60.3
9 Chicago 27.8 27.4 30.9 54 2.2 1243.5 15.8 59.8
10 Denver 7.4 28.7 29.1 69 1.9 1042.3 10.7 58.4




What we find in the table above is a complete evaluation of the market conditioning of 10 Uber cities. Do note that other expenses like cost ofUber cities car insurance cost, gas cost and even cell phone taxes. These are all necessary expenses incurred while running a transport business.

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