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How Uber For Business Works


Uber for Business is a one stop travel solution for companies. In Uber’s words,” It’s a digital headquarters for all your company’s ground transportation”.  Arranging travel for your business and other stakeholders can be such a hassle. With Uber Business, you will be letting the transport giant worry about getting you and your people places while you focus on making profits.

Uber has always being concerned with creating a world where transportation and commute is as seamless as running water. Uber has a knack for introducing various services that add color to consumer experience.  The rideshare giant provides a plethora of services to meet the needs of commuters. All services launched by Uber aim at making commuting from one place to the other easier.

The various Uber services include UberX, which is the mid-tier cost Uber service; UberBLACK – the most expensive and classiest service with black high-end vehicles; UberXL – the 6 passenger version of UberX; UberSELECT – the service that sits between the UberX and the UberBLACK services; then the UberSUV – which is the 6 passenger version of UberBLACK. Some cities offer a variation of these services to suit their markets.

To ensure organizations enjoy the same services available to other Uber users, Uber for business is also offering all Uber products on the platform including its luxurious services like the  UberBLACK and the UberSUV products.


How Uber for Business Works


It’s quite easy. Just the way Uber has a mobile application where riders can request rides and see all their activities, Uber for business allows users access to a centralized dashboard where they can manage their organization’s transportation needs.

Via the dashboard, users can

  • View all trip activity for passengers the organization has catered for their transportation via the Uber for business platform
  • View and manage expensing, billing and other financial reports
  • Set up ride schedules for employees
  • Review trips
  • Manage all your organization’s local travel from one place
  • Send out multiple rides at once and monitor them from one dashboard.



Just like how Uber charges Uber drivers commission on every ride, Uber will charge organizations on the Uber for business platform 10% on each ride placed on the platform.

To learn more about how Uber for Business works and setup and account, visit here.



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