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All About Uber Health


Uber is on a path to revolutionize transportation worldwide. As a pioneer in rideshare, the company has endured its fair of challenges and obstacles and is now on the mend. By making strategic partnerships with regulatory bodies, the government and undertaking profitable mergers, Uber is determined to change the face of transportation in every field.

Now, Uber is launching a new product that is focused on the health sector called Uber Health.


What is Uber Health

According to Uber, “Uber Health is a HIPAA-compliant technology solution for healthcare organizations that leverages the ride hailing power of the Uber platform. The web-based dashboard allows hospitals and other healthcare professionals to request, manage, and pay for rides for others, at scale.” In simpler terms, Uber Health is Uber tailored for medical institutions. From a dashboard, medical practitioners like Hospitals, rehab centers, clinics and others can schedule and request rides for their clients and patients. uber health


Why Uber Health?

Uber is focused on changing the face of transportation in every sector. Statistics have shown that about 3.6 million Americans miss their doctor’s appointments due to transportation concerns and other health related factors. By partnering with organizations that provide healthcare, patients can be picked up from their homes for scheduled doctor’s appointments. The Uber Health API is designed to integrate with the organization’s existing products.


How Will It Work?

There is no service fee for signing up to use the service and riders do not need to have an Uber Health account. In easy steps, see how healthcare organizations can sign up to use Uber Health:

  • Create an Uber Health account via the Self-Service portal
  • Provide a valid email address and a password
  • Enter Company name
  • Fill out your payment profile.
  • Agree to terms and conditions and our privacy statement.
  • Then wait for Uber Health team to review your details and contact you.


To use the service, your company representative books ride in advance or immediately for patients that need it via the Uber Health dashboard. Your patients do not need to have a smart phone as they will be texted their trip details or called. The driver arrives, picks them up and drops them off as scheduled, seamlessly.



Uber Health is a cost effective way of transporting patients. The Uber Health dashboard helps pool all your logs in one place thereby making it easy to coordinate and schedule trips. Company reps can monitor trip details, see trip status and so much more. The costs of rides are based on standard Uber rates at the time and the Health care provider is presented with a monthly bill. This is really a simpler way to take care of your patients’ transportation needs.


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