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Uber In Cairo Leading in Africa


With ridehailing constituting two percent of all rides in Egypt, Uber in cairo is growing in leaps and bounds and is determined to capture all of Cairo. Uber who launched officially in Cairo, Egypt on Feburary 2015 has announced that its expansion in Cairo is to see how it can add its strength towards reviving the country’s dwindling economy. While speaking with a CNN interviewer- David Plouffe, Uber’s Chief Advisor stated clearly that whatever the state of the economy might be, Uber sees it as an opportunity to move the country forward.

Since the launch, Uber in Cairo has thrived despite battling numerous competition like KarTag and Careem,to become the leading market in Africa. The capital city of Cairo, known for its snarling bottlenecks, has become Uber’s fastest-growing city in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in less than a year after the company began service in the country. So how did Uber in Cairo, Egypt beat markets like South Africa? Let’s take a look:


Increasing population size in Cairo

With over 20 million people in Cairo, Uber is in high demand. The company is determined to meet the needs of this teeming population by introducing new services like UberBOAT, a seasonal service to convey passengers via the Nile River in the city. Uber currently runs the UberX and the UberSELECT service and is said to be in talks with the government to launch a bus service. Also, most youths will always prefer comfort and luxury if it’s affordable. This has seen Cairo’s teeming youth population embrace Uber’s services to the displeasure of traditional taxi drivers. Uber In Cairo


Uber adds about 3,000 new drivers monthly to its service in Cairo

This is an impressive number and a way of growing the spirit of entrepreneurship in the country. About 40 percent of the company’s drivers in Egypt were unemployed before joining the service. It helps people diversify their source of income – making driving with Uber in Egypt a viable option for just about anybody who is of age. In 2017, it was recorded that the number of driver-partners added to the platform had increased to about 2,000 weekly.


Cash payments in Cairo

Uber was forced to introduce cash payment options due to the fact that a sizeable amount of the population are unbanked and do not have access to electronic payment cards. With the option to pay for rides using cash, Uber has reached even those without access to credit/debit cards.



Despite the protests staged by disgruntled local cab drivers, Uber continues to grow and attract more drivers and passengers. Some local cab drivers have migrated to the Uber platform while others see the rideshare giant as a disruption. Due to fuel subsidy cuts in Egypt, many residents are leaving their cars at home and using other means of transport like Uber for commuting.

With more people embracing the concept of rideshare, Uber in Cairo doesn’t seem like it will be going away anytime soon.



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