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More About Uber In Saskatoon


Uber, a San Francisco ride-hailing Company, whose app-based service is gaining grounds around the world, is determined to remain an industry leader. With its global presence, Uber has a large network of cars listed on the platform. Also, anyone with driving expertise and a car that meets the company’s requirements can register as an Uber partner or driver.

The Uber business model is designed to empower entrepreneurs who want to register on the Uber app as an Uber driver or partner. With a mission to make global transportation as seamless as running water, Uber is keen on spreading its operations all over the world. Now, Uber has launched its service in SaskatoonUber In Saskatoon


More about Uber in Saskatoon


Uber is currently looking for drivers in Saskatoon and the process of enrolling as a driver is quite easy.  It affords flexible hours and a chance to make good money on your own schedule. In a world where taxi monopoly was a secret pipeline for exploitation, Uber revolutionized the taxi landscape by creating a seamless and cheaper alternative.

The ‘Age-Factor’

Before you can drive with Uber in Saskatoon, you must know that Uber takes its age policy pretty seriously. This age policy varies for different cities. To join Uber as a driver in Saskatoon, you have to be at least 21 years old. If you meet this requirement, please proceed to fulfil the steps listed below:


Drivers must have amongst others the following:

  • A photo of you (a clear headshot)
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration documents (uber accepts both official and temporary registration documents)
  • You (driver) must be the holder, or at least a listed driver
  • Ensure the vehicle registration number is listed
  • Must clearly show a valid expiration date
  • Proof of work eligibility
  • Mechanical Safety Inspection Certificate with a Light Vehicle Inspection by an approved mechanic
  • Uber sticker/decal to be displayed on the front windshield on the passenger side and rear windshield on the driver side facing outward.

After you have gathered these documents and met the above requirements, you can move to the next step which is to signup online. The documents that you have gathered are what you would have to submit online. You can go here to sign up with our special referral link. This link redirects to the Uber official signup page.

Register for GST

You must apply for a GST account within 30 days of taking your first trip with Uber. The process takes a few minutes to complete and drivers will have their GST number instantly


Screening Tests

Uber requires all drivers to undergo 2 safety screenings tests:

  • Driver Abstract
  • Criminal Records Check + Vulnerable Sector Check with the Saskatoon police

To learn more about the driver abstract, please visit here.


Vehicle Requirements


It is important to note that Uber has various services which require different types of vehicles. You should decide on which of the services you are interested in before buying a car (if you do not have one). The good news is that Uber in Saskatoon currently offers just one service which is the UberX service. The UberX service is the mid-tier priced Uber service, and it also gets the most patronage from Uber passengers across the globe for this reason.

The vehicle requirements for the Uberx service is Saskatoon is as follows:

  • 4-door vehicle
  • 10 years or newer (2009 vehicle model year or newer)
  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • No commercial and/or Uber branding
  • No salvaged or rebuilt vehicles


Nice to Know


If you want to drive with Uber in Saskatoon, it is important to know that you will have to bear the cost of car related expenses like fuel, car maintenance, insurance costs, car depreciation, Uber royalties and other maintenance related expenses. If you want to assess the profitability of Uber – whether as a one man business (a sole Uber driver); or as an Entrepreneur with multiple Uber cars in his/her fleet, then you need to download either of our Uber Kits at the top right corner of the pages below:

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That is all there is to know about Uber in Saskatoon.