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Uber Lost and Found: I Lost or Found An Item


Driving for Uber is a great way to earn money on your own schedule. Basically, you decide how busy you want to be by picking your hours. The job is easy and depending on your city, you get the chance to pick up and drop off multiple Uber passengers daily.  Sometimes, riders may forget their personal belongings like phones and other items in your car. This happens a lot and prompted Uber to write an article titled – Uber Lost and Found. It details items commonly forgotten in an Uber. So, what do you do when this happens to you?

In this post, we will discuss what a driver should do when an Uber rider forgets an item in an Uber. We will also review steps the rider should take to retrieve the item. Uber Lost and Found


Uber Lost and Found – What to do as an Uber driver:     

In some cases, the passenger remembers and begins to flood your phone with calls and texts asking how to retrieve the forgotten item. As an Uber driver, what do you do when an Uber passenger forgets an item in your vehicle?

It is important to be respectful to your passengers as Uber always asks passengers to rate their drivers. Also, Uber drivers can be reported and terminated from the service if there are passenger reports of misconduct on the part of the drivers. So, no matter how persistent and burdensome the passenger becomes, do not get irate or irritated. Keep your calm.

The process to follow is quite simple. See below:

  • Take a picture of the item
  • Share details of the item and the photo with Uber here
  • Uber will try to contact the rider and help arrange a convenient time and place to meet within 48 hours
  • Keep the item safe till it has changed hands
  • In some cities like Boston and Chicago, Uber will charge the rider $15 and it will be used to compensate the driver. This policy will soon be introduced globally. This fee will be given to you with no deductions.


Uber Lost and Found -What to do as an Uber rider:

  • Open the Uber app
  • Click menu, then “Help”
  • Click Trips and Fare Review” and select the trip you took
  • Select “I lost an item,” then “Contact my driver about a lost item”
  • Input your phone number and click submit

Please note that you might be charged a fee of $15 once you retrieve your item. This fee is a compensation that will be transferred to the driver who returned your item.

Please do not bombard the Uber driver with calls and demands. The driver is working and will decide on a convenient time to return your item.



It is important for Uber riders to do a quick sweep of the vehicle before alighting. This way you can grab any forgotten item before the driver leaves. Also it is important for drivers as well to remind passengers to check the vehicle for any forgotten item before driving off.


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