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All About Uber Vehicle Inspection


If you are considering becoming an Uber driver or partner, you should be aware that Uber conducts varieties of checks on every vehicle enrolled under the Uber platform. These series of checks constitute what is called the Uber Vehicle Inspection. Uber vehicle inspectionTo ensure that drivers and passengers are safe while using the Uber service, Uber conducts thorough background and manual checks on intending Uber vehicles.


More About Uber Vehicle Inspection

Intending and existing drivers are mandated to go through the Uber vehicle Inspection. As an intending driver, you must pass the Uber vehicle inspection to qualify as an Uber driver. Subsequently, all drivers will be subjected to an annual vehicle inspection. It is a 19-step process to ensure your vehicle is still in perfect condition for the business of driving for the coming year. Uber requires that you complete this vehicle inspection at an Uber-approved auto repair shop, or at one of their many ‘activation centers’ located in gas stations, parking lots, and at some local mechanic shops.

Intending drivers who file their application online can complete the mechanical inspection once they are sure they have passed Uber’s background check. Applicants who apply at an Uber activation center, on the other hand, can complete the inspection immediately after they apply. If you are all for saving a few bucks, it is better to file your application at the activation centers (if you can) because you get to do it for free – it can cost up to $20 at a regular auto-shop.


Finding an An Uber-Approved Autorepair Shop/Uber Activation Center

Uber provides drivers with a list of approved mechanic shops and Uber Activation Centers. For example in the U.S, most chain repair shops (Midas, Jiffy Lube, etc) are approved to do this inspection. Drivers estimate that the process only take thirty to forty minutes.


What to Do Before Vehicle Inspection

I advise most drivers to perform a form of personal inspection themselves before taking their car in. This will help you avoid a situation where you fail the inspection for very little reasons. There are a few things you can inspect or even fix yourself. This includes but is not limited to wipers, lights (especially head and tail lights), mirrors, brake lights, seat-belts, wheels and horn.


The vehicle inspection is a simple safety check conducted by Uber or third party contractors to ensure that your vehicle is in great shape to be used for your Uber business. Therefore, a great way to ensure you don’t have a problem with it is to ensure that you generally have a good vehicle and then check some major parts to ensure they are functioning just perfectly before going for the original inspection.



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