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UberBODA Launches in Nairobi, Kenya


Uber in Africa is proving to be a formidable force.  The company continues to enjoy rapid growth in major Africa cities. Uber launched in Africa in 2012 beginning with Johannesburg. The company has since spread its operations into 14 African cities including Lagos, Dar Es Salaam, Nairobi and Pretoria.

Now, various vehicles are being introduced into rideshare. People do not only have to travel with cars; other options include bikes, scooters, trucks, motorcycles and even tuk-tuks. Uber has since tapped into this shift in rideshare by introducing the new use of motorbikes for transporting riders in cities like Nairobi and Kampala. This service is called UberBODA and it is currently providing an alternative means of transport for Africans and empowering willing drivers who want to use their motorbikes to earn money. UberBODA


More About UberBODA


The city of Nairobi is prone to traffic and Uber is intent on conveying passengers as seamlessly as possible despite the challenges the city poses. With UberBODA, riders will request the service on the Uber app just like other Uber services like UberX. This motorbike service already exists in Kampala and will compete with other similar services like Taxify’s Boda service and SafeBoda.


How UberBODA will work for riders


Just like the UberX, riders should expect doorstep pickup and fare estimate. Request your UberBODA and a bike will arrive in minutes. Once you key in your destination, you will be shown a fare estimate and you can decide if to go on with the ride or not.


  • Minimum fare – Ksh60
  • Base fare – Ksh55
  • Per Kilometer – Ksh14
  • Per Minute – Ksh1


Uber also stated that every rider on an UberBODA will enjoy additional insurance coverage. Riders will also be privy to the driver’s details, rating and vehicle registration. This way, they can confirm that the details on the app match with the driver’s upon pickup.


How UberBODA will work for drivers


Every UberBODA driver must:

  • Undergo training
  • Background check
  • Must possess a valid driving license and third party insurance

Drivers will be equipped with a safety jacket and 2 helmets.




Although Uber will be facing stiff competition from Taxify and SafeBoda, I doubt the company is fazed. The company is well known for its aggressive mode of taking over territories with operations in over 500 cities across 81 countries of the world. With over 3 million people in Nairobi, I’m sure there is a market for all players.



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