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What is UberEXEC?


UberEXEC is similar to the UberBLACK service Uber also offers but it was created with the corporate executive in mind. This service is mostly used by professionals and business executives to execute official duties. Currently available in Singapore and a few cities in the United Kingdom, vehicles eligible for the UberEXEC  service are luxury cars with polished leather interiors.


21595966684_d241af0b77_zWhy UberEXEC?

As a business executive, whether you spend your day closing deals, delivering standard business proposals or crunching numbers; the journey to begin the day’s activities needs to be comfortable. With UberEXEC, Uber gives you a chance to impress your clients with a professional but luxurious looking ride and saves the time you would have spent hailing a cab at the same time – eventually making sure that you make all your meetings early. You can also share your ETA so your colleagues know exactly where you are at all times. This service is only slightly higher than other low cost Uber services.


Driver Document Requirements

The requirements for becoming an UberEXEC driver are quite similar to UberBLACK driver requirements with just a few exceptions.  Please see below:

You must be at least 21 years old and you must be able to provide these documents:

  • Should have 3 years of driving experience
  • Pass Background Check
  • Must have in-state licence/registration and insurance (Vehicle Registration can be on anyone’s name)
  • Valid VIN, licence plate and expiry date.
  • No DUI/Drug related charges in past 7 years
  • Must have Commercial Insurance Original Copy
  • Must have MDOT Certificate of Authority
  • Must have commercial driving license


Vehicle Requirements

  • Vehicle must be 2012 or newer
  • Exterior color should be Black
  • Interior should be in black leather or vegan leather
  • Excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition
  • Clean titles
  • Vehicle with 4 full independent opening doors and minimum 4 seat belts
  • Should pass Uber Inspection test
  • Must have commercial insurance


Eligible Vehicles include :

AUDI A7, AUDI A8 (Short wheel base), AUDI A6 (C7 Shape & 5 seater only), BMW 5 SERIES SPORT (5 seater only), BMW 5 Series (New shape), JAGUAR XF SERIES, JAGUAR XJ SERIES (Short wheel base), JAGUAR X TYPE, MERCEDES S CLASS (Short wheel base), MERCEDES E CLASS, TESLA MODEL S etc.


How UberEXEC Compares to Other Uber Services

Provided below is a comparison of UberEXEC rates and other Uber services:

UberEXEC Rates compared to other services in London

Base Fare£4£3.50£2.50£5£2.50£2.50
Per Minute£0.30£0.15£0.15£0.55£0.15£0.15
Per Mile£2.40£2.10£1.25£3.55£1.25£1.25
Cancellation Fee£7£7£5£10£5£5
Minimum Fare£10£7£5£14£5£5


UberEXEC Rates compared to other services in Singapore

Base FareS$7S$10S$3S$5
Per MinuteS$0.45S$0.60S$0.20S$0.35
Per KmS$1.95S$3.23S$0.45S$0.80
Cancellation FeeS$10S$10S$6S$6
Minimum FareS$15S$18S$3S$8


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