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Carpooling with Zimride


Over the years, rideshare has taken on various forms but still with the same aim; to simplify transportation while reducing green house emissions and traffic congestion in our cities. To ensure seamless transportation, bikes, trucks, and even rickshaws are being used to simplify transportation. In densely populated countries like India and China, bikes and rickshaws are being used to decongest roads and reduce carbon footprints.

With Zimride, the structure is different and innovative. Unlike most rideshare companies that connect total strangers, Zimride offers rideshare through social networking. We will explore this concept in detail below.


More about Zimride zimride

Established in 2007, the company was founded by Logan Green and John Zimmer. The service connects users via the social networking platform, Facebook. Currently Zimride boasts over 350,000 users with presence in 125 university campuses in the United States. This innovative platform was created to remove the anxiety that users might feel at the possibility of sharing a ride with a total stranger. Through partnerships with Facebook, users will sign into the Zimride website and are matched with other users that have the same preferences.

Zimride sold to Enterprise Holdings in 2013.


How to use Zimride

The service connects users that work in the same organization, have mutual friends or go to the same school. Users who post available seats will also be told to asked to post their personal details and their preferences. This way, the site will match users who have the same preferences.


For Riders

Creating a profile is free. To use the platform, follow the instructions below:

  • Sign into Zimride through your Facebook account
  • Create a profile
  • Find the ride you want and book it
  • Follow the steps to make payment and then wait for your ride.


For Drivers

  • Ride payments are transferred to drivers via PayPal
  • You will receive payouts after 1 day. This is to protect riders from flaky drivers



The service will suggest fares but the ultimate decision lies with the driver who decides what to charge passengers. Passengers can pay for fares using their credit cards or with PayPal.




Establishing trust between users is very important. It may not entirely eliminate safety issues but incidences that may occur will not be as frequent as driving with total strangers. Many rideshare companies have experienced lawsuits stemming from driver misconduct cases that range from rape to assault of passengers. By incorporating social networking, Zimride is fostering the spirit of community among users.



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