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Try Zum Rideshare for Kids


The Uber business model for operating a ridesharing business has been copied by many other budding companies. The model seems to work as evidenced by the company’s growth over the years. As much as ridesharing is convenient and affordable, rideshare companies seem to have a problem with guaranteeing safety.

The rideshare model has been adopted in various forms to cater for not just adults alone but even kids as well. It is important to prioritize safety when dealing with kids and this is where companies like Zum rideshare come into play. Rideshare giants like Lyft and Uber have faced multiple lawsuits stemming from driver misconducts. They are also not allowed to transport unaccompanied children.

Creating a rideshare platform that caters to kids is a huge undertaking; however Zum rideshare is willing to take up the mantle. Zum Rideshare


More About Zum Rideshare


The company was founded in November, 2014 by Ritu Narayan and Vivek Garg. It caters to children and teenagers between the ages of 5 – 17 years. Striving to become the go to “Uber for kids”, parents and caregivers who work full time jobs can now have their kids transported to school without worrying about running late for work.

Schools are not left out as Zum rideshare also partners with local schools to transport kids to and fro daily.


How Does Zum Rideshare Stand Out


To compete in an already saturated industry, it is important to bring something unique to the table. For now, there aren’t a lot of rideshare companies competing in the “Uber for kids” niche but it’s still important to stand out.

Not a lot separates Zum from the likes of Kango and Hopskipdrive. They all boast thorough driver vetting and safety. However, Zum riders can see all their driver details up to 12 hours before a scheduled ride.


How Zum Works For Riders


To begin, follow the steps below:

  • Download the app on iOS or Android 
  • Create an account
  • Create a member profile for your kid
  • Enter payment method
  • Then choose to ride now or schedule for later


How Zum Works For Drivers


Zum drivers are known as Zumers. To drive for Zum, you have to meet some requirements and be willing to be subjected to background checks.

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have experience working with children
  • Own a 2008 or newer four-door vehicle in great condition
  • Have a clean driving record & pass background check
  • TrustLine approval


You will also be required to undergo the following:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Live scan
  • Pass Zum’s 22-point vehicle inspection and certification


Please note that new drivers can enjoy up to $500 signing bonus. Drivers can also earn up to $32/ph and choose their own hours.


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