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Top 10 Uber Dash Cam Stories


Today we will be looking at top stories captured by some Uber drivers’ dash cams. Before we go into discussing some of the
most popular Uber dash cam stories, we would like to reiterate the importance of a dash cam to an Uber driver. I know many drivers actually have cams in their cars, but it is surprising to find drivers who don’t.

Uber Dash Cam
We all know that having video
evidence is a great advantage when faced with lawsuits or police cases. Since Uber does not have another representative in the car besides the driver, if you are going to be able to prove anything when required, you need an equipment such as the dash cam. To get an affordable Dash cam (Full HD), click here

With that said, let’s take a look at a few top Uber dash cam stories:


1. The Drunk Passenger

In this video, a passenger is seen aggressively ordering the driver around. Too drunk, he is not even able to enter his destination and when the driver sees that this would just be a huge waste of time trying to get the drunk and very aggressive fellow to his destination, he turns his dashcam towards the interior of the vehicle to capture the moment and asks the rider to exit his vehicle. This caused the rain of punches and curse words. The driver quickly defended himself by spraying mace in the rider’s face, after which the abusive drunk man hurried away. A key point in this occurrence is when the driver ensures his dash cam is facing the inside of his vehicle before he takes any action.


2. The Unruly Passengers

The Uber driver in this case was driving more than one drunken passenger. They had not been acting right since the start of the ride. Things got more serious when the female passenger made an attempt to cross to the front seat from the back. In the process she was toggling and pulling the emergency brake. The driver stopped and asked the passengers to alight. After alighting, they walked a bit and started throwing stones back at the SUV. Note that the driver was very patient until it got to a point where anyone would have had enough.


3. Drugs in an Uber? – Boston

This driver displayed an impressive level of maturity. As seen in the video, a drug deal was secretly being executed in his car. The passengers had no clear dropoff  location.Uber Dash Cam Hence, it was definite they were planning to stay in that car long enough to conclude their business. Amidst threats of physical attack, he simply steps out of the vehicle and leaves the passenger who, at that time, was refusing to step out of his car.


4. The Collision – Pittsburg

This Uber driver’s dashcam records a close collision situation. This Uber driver in Pittsburg suddenly had a car coming his way. Apparently, the lady driving the oncoming vehicle was making a call and got really distracted. There two things an Uber driver can take away from this situation. Firstly, the need to pay close attention and be present minded while driving. You do not have to be the horrible driver to get into trouble. Secondly and equally important is the need for the dash cam. If that crash had actually occurred, the driver has the video as strong evidence.


5. A Need for Speed?

In this video captured in November 2015, the passenger is seen fuming. Uber Dash CamAs the driver stated and as noticed in the video, the passenger was in a hurry and asked the driver to drive fast. Since drivers are professionals who understand speed limits and other necessary regulations, he decided to keep it legal. Since “speedy” won’t have a driver waste her time, she allegedly punched him in the face, and as the video reveals, she spat on him.


6.  August Assault – Augusta

Out of nowhere, a driver gets sucker-punched and pounded several times by an obviously drunk passenger. As usual, the dashcam might not have saved the day, but it definitely redeemed the day as the passenger was sued, with the video helping to prove the offence.


7. Hit-n-run

In this video, the driver appeared to have been hit from behind by another driver. Although it isn’t exactly clear, it appears the crash involved the white van which drove past him just after the impact was heard. However it went down, you can be sure that the driver’s dash cam will be used to get the plates of the vehicle involved.


8. Angry Bird

So in this video, the rider seemed absolutely angry for a reason that remains unclear. Amidst his rants, the driver said almost nothing and was smart to have locked his doors and rolled up the windows very quickly.


9. Angry Cabbie

This was not captured on a dash cam but we thought to go ahead and post it because it shows one of those rather weird occasions where a cabbie decides to attack an Uber driver for simply being an Uber driver. In this Youtube video captured in Toronto, Canada, the cabbie is seen blocking the driver’s path, banging his windows and trying force the door open. The driver, who was quick to understand the situation,  quickly locked all his doors and found an opportunity to drive off.


10. Erratic Cop – New York

This video was also not captured on a dash cam but it’s a must watch. This cop literally had no reason to shout, or at least to continue shouting. The driver said mostly nothing other than his repeated “yes sir”. Yet, the cop kept on shouting and cursing out at this driver. In my case, this cop wasn’t protecting the law in this case; he felt a higher need to protect his ego.


All the videos above reveal eye-opening reasons why an Uber driver should get a dashcam.  You can click here to see a list of vital Uber driver’s equipment. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us.



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