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Top Uber Competitors in France


As the largest app based taxi hailing service in the world, Uber is faced with new competition every day. In France, the rideshare giant has experienced stiff competition from both the government and local taxi drivers. Uber’s service UberPOP was banned by the French government due to the unfair competition it posed to local taxi drivers. The UberPOP service allowed non-professional drivers to drive with Uber, and when they were fined by authorities, Uber stepped in and paid the fines. Also, an anti-uber protest against Uber quickly escalated into guerrilla warfare with local taxis as some French Uber drivers saw their cabs damaged or even set on fire. Uber Competitors in France

There are also a rising number of Uber competitors in France. Uber in France is dealing with competition posed by new entrants into France’s rideshare market. Despite these odds, Uber remains determined to operate in the country. In this post, we will review top Uber competitors in France.


Top Uber Competitors in France



According to the company website, LeCab was created on a simple idea: “give Paris an alternative to taxis and personal cars.” LeCab provides chauffeur services with a fleet of eco-friendly Peugeot 508 sedans. These vehicles are equipped with e-hdi technology that reduce gas consumption by 15% and also restarts 40% faster than other vehicles. LeCab launched in Paris but is now available in over 20 cities in France.



Launched in 2013, this company operates by using the Uber business model. However, rides are only available between 8pm and 6am. Drivers and riders can negotiate ride fares suggested by the app and arrive at a satisfactory fare. This has made the service very quite popular in Paris.

Heetch is said to record about 50,000 rides a week and counting.



Taxify is one of many rideshare companies trying to outrival Uber globally. Launched in Estonia in 2013, Taxify has received investments from companies like Didi Chuxing and Apple. As of November 2017, Taxify operates in 20 countries and 30 cities world-wide. Just like Uber, the service operates by connecting riders with the best local drivers at the best prices. In October, 2017, Taxify launched its service in Paris. The company will be taking just 15 percent off each ride fare in a bid to attract new drivers and riders.


Le Taxi

This government backed ride-hailing service allows users request local taxis via an app. Using geolocation technology, the app pools the whereabouts of all French taxis into a database giving riders the platform for electronic ride-hailing. The app was developed by the French government to give local cab drivers a chance to compete fairly in the rideshare space.


Chauffeur privé

This is Uber’s fiercest rival in France at the moment. The company was founded in 2011 and is wholly indigenous. Riders can book rides up to 30 minutes ahead, win loyalty rewards and ride fares are fixed with no surge rates or suggested prices. The app currently boasts over 1.5million people on the platform with over 18,000 drivers operating in Paris, Lyon, and Côte d’Azur. In a recent development, Mercedes Benz maker Daimler acquired Chauffeur privé by buying a majority stake in the company. With this new investment, Chauffeur privé hopes to be the leading rideshare service in France.



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