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More About Truxx; A Truck Sharing Start-up


Trucking is an integral part of any economy. Moving items across town, from city to city and even cross country is part of everyday life. It can be nerve wracking organising vehicles to convey your loads to a preferred destination. If the items to be moved are very large in size, trucks or pickups will have to be utilised. Everything used to be so manual: contacting a trucking company or van owner; booking their services and then following up until the driver arrives to pick up your items. The entire process can take a toll.

In a bid to simplify the process of engaging truckers and van drivers, the rideshare model is being incorporated into the trucking industry. The industry is embracing the concept of ridesharing. Truxx, a truck sharing start-up was founded to act as an intermediary between those who need large vehicles and such vehicle owners in their community. Whether as a last-minute need or to be scheduled for later use, Truxx aims to meet this need.


How does it work? Truxx

Using the Truxx free mobile app, users can place a request for a pick up or van driver to help him/her move items. These van owners can even be neighbours who have listed their vehicles on the app. The company has termed the service “your buddy, with a truck.”


Types of products Available


This product serves users who do not need help loading items into and off the vehicle. They just need the driver and the vehicle to help convey the load to their requested destination. This will cost users about $25 per half hour.



With this offer, the driver will help the user load and unload the vehicle. The user will be charged about $35 per half hour.



This covers the partnership Truxx has with retail stores and services like Shop Your Way. Users stand to earn Cash Back in points to shop in select stores.


Drive with Truxx


To become a driver, go here

  • Please note that you will undergo back ground checks
  • You will also be asked to present certain regulatory and mandatory documents to prove driving eligibility.
  • Drivers will earn 70% of whatever the customer is charged. You will be reimbursed for toll fees and all tips will be given to you.
  • Drivers are paid within five business days.


It is impressive to see start-ups vying to change the face of the trucking industry.


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