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Uber and Cargo Partnership to Feed You On The Go


Despite the setbacks Uber has experienced over the years, the company continues to introduce innovative ways of providing exceptional service. In June 2017, Uber launched the 180 days of change to improve driver/partner experience. Now, Uber is partnering with Cargo to help drivers make more money by selling confectioneries and other items during rides.

Cargo is a start-up company that targets rideshare drivers by turning their vehicles into a unique version of a convenience store. This Uber and Cargo partnership will see drivers in San Francisco and Los Angeles pick up Cargo boxes from Uber Greenlight hubs. These Greenlight hubs are Uber’s driver support locations around the city. Uber and Cargo Partnership


How does the Uber and Cargo Partnership work?

These Cargo boxes are filled with snacks like protein bars, gums and others. Other tech accessories like chargers and ear phones can be found in these boxes. These boxes are placed in the center of the vehicle’s console, visible to passengers. Cargo gives these items plus samples to Uber drivers for free and the drivers earn attractive commissions on each purchase made by passengers.

Right now, riders can only pay for items via the Cargo app. To buy an item, identify what item interests you and scan the QR code on Cargo’s mobile site. Once the item is duly paid for, the Uber driver will give the item to the buyer.

“Through partnerships with major brands like Kellogg’s, Starbucks and Mars Wrigley Confectionery”, Cargo is able to offer these items for free to drivers, Uber stated in a press release.


What it means for Uber drivers

To take advantage of this Uber and Cargo partnership, interested Uber drivers must have a rating of 4.75 at least and also be very active on the platform. Cargo is offering the following incentives to drivers:

  • $1 per order (even on free samples)
  • 25% commission on retail sales
  • Free product shipments
  • Referral bonuses
  • Tipping option available and payable to drivers
  • Drivers are paid twice every month


What we think

As an Uber driver, having supplementary income is always a welcome idea. Now drivers do not have to rely solely on ride fares; they can earn more money while riding by becoming expert salesmen. The awesome part is that you don’t have to go looking for customers as they are already riding in your vehicle. Hopefully this program spreads to other cities so that eligible drivers can earn more on the go.


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