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Uber Destination Filter


In this post, we will be learning about an addition to the Uber app- Uber destination filter. Uber uses this new feature to pair drivers up with passengers going the driver’s way. This simply means if a driver is headed in a particular direction, Uber pairs the driver with a passenger who is going towards that same direction. The Uber destination filter feature is available to drivers only twice in one day.



This new feature best suits Uber drivers who do not want to drive the long distance home with an empty car. The Uber destination filter pairs a driver with a rider who is headed in the driver’s direction at the end of the day or close of work.Uber destination filter

This way drivers can even make money on their way home, This optimizes every second a driver spends inside an Uber.


How to Use the Uber Destination Filter

  • First you need to open the Uber Partner app and tap the clipboard icon in the upper left corner
  • Tap the plus (+) sign next to “Set a destination.”
  • Enter your destination
  • Wait to get paired

After you have successfully registered your destination, the details will appear as a pin on the map. Then the upper bar turns orange, and the message: “finding matching trips” is displayed on your screen.


What This Means For Drivers

This features makes Uber as a business more flexible for drivers, allowing them more control. Instead of getting random ride requests on your way home or simply going offline the Uber app, drivers can still earn money when they decide to call it a day. 

At the close of business or you simply want to run an errand before starting your day as an Uber driver, the Uber destination filter helps you get paired with a passenger and you earn money even when technically you are not actually working.


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