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Uber Driver Promo: Uber Earning Boost


Uber has always tried to balance the strata – ensuring that riders get cheap rides without adversely affecting drivers’ income. Uber driver promotions are not an entirely novel concept. These promos are designed to help Uber drivers earn more. Uber Driver PromoThe Uber Earning Boost is another Uber driver incentive that alerts and assures drivers of surge pricing on fares that originate from a certain place and at a certain time while still charging passengers normal fares.



Drivers do not have to register for this Uber Driver promo to be eligible but you have to receive an email telling you about this program. The e-mail will show all of the Uber Earnings Boost locations for the week. Also, drivers can see where the Uber Boost area is for the current day as they use the app

This income boosts typically occurs when Uber needs to motivate drivers to get on the road. This may include, but is not limited to, rush hours, mass commuting hours, weekends and places where there are more social gatherings.

This Uber Driver promo is another way Uber subsidizes fares for passengers without bleeding Uber drivers’ income. Please note that a driver is not mandated to partake in the Uber Boost Promo.



The ‘where’ is simply the Boost Area. This is displayed in the app within a red cloud or boundary. Rides originating within these boundaries will have surge multipliers attached to the passenger’s fare.


Terms and Conditions of Boost Earnings

For now, there are no minimum requirements to qualify drivers for the Uber Earning Boost. You simply receive an offer via email from Uber. However, is there is natural surge pricing within a boost area, drivers who receive boost earning offers are free to opt in for that instead of the Uber earning boost. This means if there’s a regular Uber surge within a boost area, drivers will be paid whichever one is greater.



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