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Uber Driver Safety Tips


Uber has made it possible for Uber drivers to have primary control of their business activities. As an Uber driver, you are your own boss and get to keep all your earnings except the commission Uber requires for every completed ride. The flexibility that Uber affords drivers is probably the primary reason why it continues to attract new drivers daily.

Safety has been a major source of concern for both Uber riders and Uber drivers who are total strangers matched by an app to take a ride together. In a previous post, we examined cases where Uber riders were taken advantage of by Uber drivers. We also explored some Uber passenger safety tips.

However, there are instances where Uber drivers are actually in danger. It is important to abide by Uber driver safety tips. There are cases where drivers are robbed, assaulted physically or plain disrespected by riders. This is why Uber drivers have been asked to invest in dash cams and other equipments that can help provide evidence if the incidence results in a case.

Beyond dashcams, how can Uber drivers stay safe in the line of duty? See below some Uber driver safety tips :

Uber Driver Safety

Uber Driver Safety Tips

Do not engage in anonymous pickups

As an Uber driver, your details are revealed to the Uber passenger once you are matched by the app. Some riders end up storing your phone number on their phone. Sometimes, these riders call you to give them a ride without going through the app. Some might even share your number with friends. This shouldn’t be so. All ride requests must be placed through the Uber app. Accepting anonymous ride requests can be dangerous. We have seen cases where the driver was robbed off his car. By accepting requests placed in app, Uber can track the rider’s location and other relevant details.


Use In app navigation

This provides turn by turn direction to the rider’s location. This will help you stay focused while driving and help you get there safely


Do not text and drive

It is important to focus on the road while driving. Texting and driving has been the cause of several accidents all over the world. It is important to invest in a phone mount while navigating the streets and do not text once you are on the road. If you must text, safely pack the car in a safe zone to do so.

Buckle up

Use your seat belt and encourage your passengers to do so as well.

Always use GPS

The system stores your trip details so Uber knows who you are driving and your destination


Take the high road

This is really important. As a driver, you are matched with a complete stranger and its possible your personalities will clash. In the event of conflict, exhibit respect and refrain from exacerbating the situation. Keep calm and if you feel like you are in danger, end the trip and report to relevant authorities.


Give Feedback

Uber drivers are rated as well as Uber riders. At the end of the trip, be sure to rate your rider and add a comment when needed. Feedback is important. This will help Uber sieve out unruly riders from the platform.


Take care of yourself

As a driver, driving fatigued is a hazard to you, passengers and everyone else on the road. It’s important to take breaks and stay hydrated. Keeping snacks in the car to enjoy between rides will go a long way as well. Remember to call it a day when you feel tired.


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