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Why Uber Drivers Should Use GPS


It is expected that as an aspiring or existing Uber driver, you should have great knowledge of the routes in your city without relying a great deal on maps. This knowledge is a must have for every intending and existing Uber driver. However, your knowledge of routes in your city has limitations and this is why Uber drivers should use GPS.


Why Uber drivers should use GPS

Using GPS as an Uber driver is very important; perhaps as important as having a working vehicle.

  • Every Uber driver is supposed to have a GPS enabled phone. Please avoid using low cost phones that are bound to have internet and GPS connectivity issues. When driving a passenger, it is unprofessional to keep asking your rider for directions. Disturbing your passenger for directions can make your customer irate and possibly cause tension between the both of you. This is a primary reason why Uber drivers should use GPS.

Research the right phone to use and place priority on connectivity while choosing a phone to use for your Uber business. Use GPS


  • Make sure your phone is mounted during the trip. A phone mount is a must-have for all Uber drivers. It is dangerous to have your phone in your hand while navigating the streets. Your phone should be positioned properly at eye level so you can glance at it quickly during the trip.

See our post here for the best phone mounts for Uber drivers.


The Uber driver app has in-built GPS navigation. However, you can also use third party navigation apps like Google maps or Waze when driving for Uber . You are at liberty to choose the navigation app you are most comfortable with while driving.

To switch navigation apps from Uber driver app to a third party app, follow the simple steps below:

1. Select account from your Uber app menu.
2. Click on settings.
3. Choose Navigation and then make changes.

If you decide to choose a third party app as your preferred navigation, select the NAVIGATE button during a trip. This will immediately switch from Uber navigation to your preferred navigation

To switch back to Uber navigation, simply click the banner at the top of the screen.



Using GPS should be like second nature to an Uber driver. If you don’t have adequate knowledge of the routes in your city, it is important to master how the GPS works. As you progress further as an Uber driver, you will begin to have proper mastery of the roads and with the help of the GPS, know the best routes to take.

An inefficient driver will only attract poor ratings from passengers. All Uber drivers should endeavor to use GPS while driving.


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