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All About Uber Express Pool Service


Uber continues to dominate existing and new markets with variety of services tailored to suit the needs of customers. Selecting an Uber service to use is largely dependent on figuring out which one of the available services you can afford. Uber’s mid-tier priced services include the UberX, UberXL and UberPOOL; with UberPOOL being the cheapest. UberPOOL allows two or more riders to share a ride with the fare split into fair shares for all passengers. To use the service, select UberPOOL and set your pickup location and destination. You’ll see a guaranteed fare in the app. Riders would most likely get matched with another rider traveling the same way. Whether or not you are connected with another rider, you’ll always pay the guaranteed fare.

Now, Uber has introduced Uber Express Pool modeled after the UberPOOL service with some changes. The service first piloted in San Francisco and has now spread to 6 more cities: Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Denver, Miami, Philadelphia and San Diego with the hope of spreading to further. Uber Express Pool


How does Uber Express Pool work for riders?

With Uber Express POOL, passengers will be asked to walk to a pick up location or be dropped off in a dropoff point close to their destination. This is an effort to make the POOL routes more direct. Riders around you will be asked to wait for a few minutes at the pickup location. Riders will also split the fare just like UberPOOL. It is about 25 – 50 percent cheaper than the UberPOOL service.

Bear in mind that the UberPOOL option is still available and riders can select whether to be picked up from their homes using UberPOOL; or walk to a pickup location with Uber Express POOL.


What is in it for drivers?

Unlike UberPOOL where drivers have to drive to different pickup locations, the pickup location is just one spot. According to Uber, “you’ll earn the new flat fare for every added pickup stop, in addition to your usual POOL rates.”



At this rate, Uber is competing with public transport rates. It is even modeled after public transportation where riders walk to the bus stop to wait for a bus. Now riders have a pre-determined pickup spot where they wait for a few minutes for the Uber driver to arrive. The service is better that public transportation because it is a more comfortable way to ride.

Uber is seeking to make the cost of transportation dirt cheap making it possible for everyone to ride the Uber way.



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