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More About The Uber Hands-Free Feature


For any rideshare company, rider and driver safety should be paramount. Uber as a pioneer in ridesharing has become a preferred means of transportation for many. Uber drivers and Uber passengers who have signed up to use the Uber service are matched once a ride request is placed. This makes Uber a middleman between these two parties. Uber, in its bid to protect both parties created a plethora of in-app features to protect passengers and drivers.

There is also a need to keep updating and renewing these safety features. This is to ensure that all parties involved feel some level of comfort in knowing that there are features designed to ensure safety. In September 2018, Uber introduced more safety features.

Uber announced that, “we’re raising the bar on safety by unveiling new features that will help protect all our customers and the information they entrust to us.” These features will include ride check, a feature that helps ensure that all parties are okay in the event of a crash; driver emergency button; address anonymization and hands-free pickups. Uber Hands-Free

In this post, we will shed more light on the Uber hands-free feature.


Uber Hands-Free Feature

It is important for drivers to focus on the road ahead while driving. Many accidents have occurred on the road due to text-driving which is why Uber is trying to reduce distractions that Uber drivers may face. With the introduction of the hands-free feature, Uber will be testing voice activated commands to ensure seamless pick-up of riders.

This way drivers can communicate with riders without taking their hands and eyes off the wheel. The Uber hands-free feature will allow drivers accept trips on the go.



The Uber hands-free feature is a welcome development. It’s important that drivers adhere to road rules while keeping other road users safe. It’s good to see Uber taking a firmer approach to driver and rider safety. We look forward to more updates from Uber.



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