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Uber In South Africa Partners With Wesbank


Uber in South Africa is committed to improving the lives of locals by empowering Uber drivers. In a bid to fulfill the company’s commitment towards creating employment opportunities for 15,000 locals by the end of 2017, the rideshare giant went into partnership with financial institution, Wesbank. Uber’s partnership with Wesbank in South Africa has proven to be an avenue for Uber drivers to become entrepreneurs. Simply, this strategic partnership allows Uber drivers who do not qualify for traditional loans to obtain a full vehicle maintenance lease issued by Wesbank at discount rates.

According to Wesbank who collaborated with FirstRand’s Enterprise Development Fund, Vumela, the program is valued at about R200 million. The vehicle solutions program is part of Uber’s innovative mission geared towards revolutionizing the global transport sector. Uber in South Africa has incorporated other services like UberRUSH and UberEATS. With UberRUSH, users request a personal courier service that lets them get their parcels delivered within minutes. With UberEATS service, having food delivered is about to get even easier. The service erases the extra stress that going out to get your meal would cost you. You can order your favorite meal and have it delivered just when you want it. It is obvious that Uber is focused on ensuring that transportation in every sector moves seamlessly.


So how does this work?

 Uber In South Africa

For exisiting Uber drivers

Instead of focusing on the driver’s credit ratings, drivers will be approved for the vehicle leasing program based on their record with Uber and their earnings. Any driver who has been on the Uber platform for a while can get the chance to be their own boss.


For new drivers

Car rentals companies will also be offering those interested in joining the Uber platform a chance to rent approved cars to use on the platform. According to Wesbank, drivers can have access to short term rentals from the following car rental companies: Hertz, Europcar, Pace and Fleet Data Technologies. This offer is available until the driver has built a record and the earnings required to be approved for the Uber Wesbank Vehicle leasing program.



To further buttress the need for encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship in our world, Head of Enterprise and Supplier Development at Vumela, Heather Lowe adds that,” The need for the development of entrepreneurs in our economy has afforded us the unique opportunity to be part of the solution to this challenge. Uber, WesBank and Vumela all recognize the need to collaborate within the private sector and support government in creating a sustainable future for our country.”


Becoming an Uber driver is one way to grow your income on your own terms while being your own boss. If you are interested in driving for Uber in South Africa, you can go here to sign up with our special referral link. This link redirects to the Uber official signup page.



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