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Uber Is Testing A New Wait To Ride Feature For Cheaper Fares


In rideshare, the common practice is that fares surge when there is a demand for available rides. This is the opposite when there is a lag in demand as fares tend to be dirt cheap. Uber is testing a new feature that will allow riders pay cheaper fares if they will wait to ride. With this wait to ride feature, the app will let the rider know the current fare and will go on to propose that prices will drop if the rider waits till a certain time.


More About the Uber Wait to Ride Feature

Affordability is one of the main reasons why rideshare is quite popular and a preferred transport option. If I have to wait a few minutes to ride for cheap, I certainly will. This feature has not been introduced to the public but it seems Uber is testing it among employees. According to Quartz, an Uber employee tweeted a screenshot of the Uber app with an unfamiliar message that read, “Prices are lower at 17:00.” This tweet has since been deleted. Wait to Ride

It is apparent that Uber is not ready to deploy this feature but tests are on-going to check functionality. Uber seems to be taking steps to make its service convenient and affordable. A couple of years ago, the rideshare giant was swarmed with lawsuits and scandals that saw the resignation of its previous CEO and the introduction of a new management. With its current CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, the company is taking more strategic actions when addressing company growth. Khosrowshahi stated that the organization “… going forward we will be focused on organic growth—growth that comes from building the best products, services and technology in the world, and re-building our brand into the mobility brand that riders, cities and drivers want to support and partner with.”



Uber is also introducing a bunch of safety features into the Uber app. These features will include a panic button called 911 assistance, safety tips developed in partnership with law enforcement, and community guidelines. These features have been pooled together in one place called a safety center and it will be easily accessible right from the app’s home screen during a trip. We look forward to the launch of the Uber wait to ride feature and the convenience it will afford users.


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