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Uber in NYC Driver Requirements


Looking to drive with Uber in NYC? Welcome, this post was written with you in mind. For intending drivers or partners that want to become Uber driver/ partners in New York, this post will provide city specific information to guide you on your journey. Uber in NYC

Please follow the steps below to begin:


How To Drive With Uber In NYC

Don’t Forget the ‘Age-Factor’

Before we go on to give detailed steps to aid your decision to drive with Uber in NYC, you must know that of the many important policies that Uber takes seriously, age is the most imperative and it varies for different cities. To be a driver with Uber in NYC, you need to be at least 21 years old. If you meet this requirement, you can go on to follow the steps below:

STEP 1 – Ready Your Documents

  • A photo of you (a clear headshot)
  • A NYC driver’s license
    • Drivers must have held their license for up to a year
  • 3 years driving experience
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • You are to provide a photo of your license plate
  • Vehicle insurance document (if you already have a car you intend to use. (Level of Insurance coverage depends on the type of Uber service you select)
  • Airport permit
  • Vehicle inspection form
  • Ensure the vehicle registration number is listed

All the documents above must clearly show a valid expiration date

Getting the TLC License

Since Uber knows the importance of the TLC License as a rule binding all commercial driving in the city, the company is doing its best to help drivers procure the license easily. To begin, you simply need to sign up for Uber online and then follow the easy steps offered by Uber below:


The easiest way to get started with the TLC licensing process is to schedule a free one-day appointment at an NYC Uber office. At the office, you’ll:

  • Talk one-on-one with an Uber expert who can explain the licensing process and answer any questions you might have, including what promotions are available and how to get an Uber-ready vehicle.
  • Submit the online “For-Hire Driver” TLC application with the help of an Uber expert.
  • Schedule your free defensive driving course and take the TLC-required medical exam for free.
  • Learn how to change your DMV license to the required Class E license.

Best of all, Uber will give eligible drivers a $250 gift card redeemable after first trip!



STEP 2 – Signup Online

Once you have all of these documents, the next step is to sign up through the Uber website – using our link: www.uberkit.net/signup. (You get a signup bonus if you use our link, which has our signup referral code already pre-populated). Note – the links redirect to the correct Uber URL.


STEP 3 – Wait for Results of Tests

The documents collated in the previous steps are used for a background check that an intending Uber driver must agree to if they would get through the onboarding process. Here, Uber conducts thorough background and criminal checks on all intending drivers.

The background check takes about 2 to 4 weeks depending on how long Uber’s sources take to do their thorough check. The results of the checks will determine if you can be an Uber driver as you need to have a clean driving record to qualify.


STEP 4 – Get an Uber Approved Car

Note-if you are a driver looking to work for an existing Uber partner, ignore this section and skip to STEP-5

As for the vehicle to use, you need to make sure it fits the car requirements specifically for Uber drivers in NYC (or your specific city). Note – Uber has various services, so you should know which service you are interested in before buying a car (if you do not have one). See the section below on “Selecting an Uber Service” for more information on that. You can also check our list on Uber Car Requirements: 580 UberX Cars Analyzed for a list of some approved cars. Some of these requirements include the fact that the car year is 2006 or newer-Uber car year requirements vary by city. It is currently year 2006 or newer in NYC. The car should also have no major cosmetic damage. Salvaged or rebuilt vehicles cannot be used, and full-size vans or marked vehicles such as taxis are a no-no as well. Also, note, whatever vehicle you get it will have to go through an Uber approved Vehicle inspection.



STEP 5 –Interview

Once you have completed the preceding steps, you will be able to go in to the Uber office for an interview, for which you should make sure you have sufficient street and route knowledge regarding your area/city. You should be dressed professionally for this interview.

If you pass the interview, you will be invited for a training session at a specific date, after which your vehicle’s documents will be checked, and you will officially become an Uber driver and/or Uber partner.

You will also receive an Uber-issued cell phone which will have the Uber application installed on it to allow you to get clients. However, if you wish to use your own smartphone, it is perfectly fine to return the cell phone.


What to do if your vehicle does not fit Uber requirements

Keep in mind, there is no need to give up, if your personal vehicle does not fit the requirements that are necessary for an Uber vehicle—in fact, many people tend to invest in a new car before becoming professional Uber drivers.

However, I would recommend not going overboard when you are purchasing a new car to be used as an Uber vehicle. It is a good idea to select an average but sturdy car that is not a particularly new or fancy model but fits Uber’s car requirements. Note – See the “Nice to Know” section for due diligence you should probably do, before buying a car specifically for Uber.


Selecting an Uber Service

UberX is the mid-tier cost Uber service, and it also gets the most patronage from Uber passengers across the globe for this reason. This is the category I would recommend starting out with. UberBLACK is a little more expensive, as you need to have a black and slightly more polished vehicle. This earns a little more money than UberX, and is a good option for people that want to earn a little more per client.

UberPOOLUberXL,  UberSUV  and UberWAV are other services available in NYC. UberXL is the 6 passenger version of UberX. It is dominated by inexpensive but nice vehicles that can carry more passengers than the UberX. You can say it is the larger version of the UberX service. Riders who request this service would typically be picked up in vehicles like these: Honda pilot, Toyota Sienna, Chevrolet Traverse, Dodge Durango, Dodge Gran.

The UberPOOL service allows Uber riders going in the same destination to share a ride with one another. In that way riders can split the fare, paying lesser for quality service. UberSUV as well is the 6 passenger version of UberBLACK.  With this service, riders should expect to be picked up by professionally trained drivers in top-end vehicles like the Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class or Chevrolet Suburban (just to name a few). With the UberWAV – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, Uber provides people with special disabilities the opportunity to travel with their wheelchairs.




  • Base Fare: $14
  • Per Minute: $0.80
  • Per Mile: $4.50
  • Cancellation Fee: $10
  • Service Fees: $0
  • Minimum Fare: $25


  • Base Fare: $7
  • Per Minute: $0.65
  • Per Mile: $3.75
  • Cancellation Fee: $10
  • Service Fees: $0
  • Minimum Fare: $15


  • Base Fare: $3.85
  • Per Minute: $0.50
  • Per Mile: $2.85
  • Cancellation Fee: $5
  • Service Fees: $0
  • Minimum Fare: $10.50


  • Base Fare: $2.55
  • Per Minute: $0.35
  • Per Mile: $1.75
  • Cancellation Fee: $5
  • Service Fees: $0
  • Minimum Fare: $8


  • Base Fare: $2.55
  • Per Minute: $0.35
  • Per Mile: $1.75
  • Cancellation Fee: $5
  • Service Fees: $0
  • Minimum Fare: $8


  • Base Fare: $2.55
  • Per Minute: $0.35
  • Per Mile: $1.75
  • Cancellation Fee: $5
  • Service Fees: $0
  • Minimum Fare: $8


  • Base Fare: $2.55
  • Per Minute: $0.35
  • Per Mile: $1.75
  • Cancellation Fee: $5
  • Service Fees: $0
  • Minimum Fare: $8

Nice to Know

If you want to drive with Uber in NYC, you have to bear in mind that you will be utilizing a certain amount of money to pay for fuel and other maintenance related expenses.

In addition to the afore-mentioned, you have other costs like car maintenance, insurance costs, car depreciation, and Uber royalties. If you want to assess the profitability of Uber – whether as a one man business (a sole Uber driver); or as an Entrepreneur with multiple Uber cars in his/her fleet, then you need to download either of our Uber Kits at the top right corner of the pages below:

That’s all there is to driving with Uber in NYC. Please feel free to share your signup experience with us in comment section


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