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Owners (or Uber Partner), If You Only Do One Thing – Perform a Background Check First, So You Don’t Hire An Ex-Murderer!


If you are an Uber driver that is wondering how long the uber background process takes look at this article here to get information on the full Uber partner application process. If you are a business owner with a driver or multiple drivers working for you, keep reading.

We’re not kidding. It has been well reported that in the past people who have lengthy and disturbing wrap sheets, and sometimes even serious convictions, have made it through the Uber hiring and background check process. As an owner of an Uber fleet (or Uber Partner), you have the opportunity and responsibility to act as an added layer of security – both for the safety of your passengers, and also the safest use of your assets and business investment that is your Uber business.

If you have downloaded the uberkit, then you know that hiring the right driver for your fleet is a multistep process. Possibly the most urgent and important of those steps is verifying their identity, via their complete background information. Depending on the laws in your state and country, you may be able to get a rather full sense of the potential reliability, responsibility, and personality of each driver.Uber Partner

To perform the most useful, robust, and efficient research you need to combine two elements. You must have the right basic information, and also look for the results in the right places. Contact the authority in your local market in charge of licensing and violations to verify basic identity. These agencies will also provide you with valuable information on state and federal hiring rules when those rules cover transportation services. You (the Uber Partner or car owner) should also become familiar with commercial and group transportation laws in your area, like those for school bus drivers, or local taxi, and bus services (if for instance you are interested in the uber black service).

You should embed in the potential driver’s application for employment-

  1. a) Verification of their ability to legally drive
  2. b) Verification of any other certificates, like driving restrictions ( type or size of transportation they can drive –i.e. a car versus motorcycle).

If this is your first time contacting your local transportation agency, ask for the Motor Vehicle Records (or Reports) or MVR for your applicant. You can use this as the first report to even validate if doing further background checks is worthwhile.

Note- in Texas, I use – www.dps.texas.gov to get my driving history reports, and they charge about $12 for Licensee driver records. It is going to be different for each city, state and country; however, this should give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay.

Become an Uber Driver

If the driving authority reports that they have any accidents, parking, DUIs (driving under the influence), or other driving violations, this should weigh heavily on your decision. We’re not saying all of them should be ruled out as driving for you, but this means you definitely need to have a direct conversation with an applicant with a poor driving record. There is no room in a profit positive business model for tickets, speeding fines, or any other types of behavior that may cost you the ability to maintain a 5-star rating.

Other types of information should either be gathered by you directly or by professionals who perform background checks on contracted professionals. For background tests I personally like  starpoint which is a service landlords also use (I know their name is a little misleading, but I have found their service to be affordable and fairly easy to use).

Again, depending on what is legal for your area a full background check would include asking your driver to provide a list of personal and professionals with references. Things you might allow a background checking service or agency to report to you would be criminal history (nationwide and state). I know Uber does this already (as part of their application process); however I can’t verify how rigorous their testing is- it doesn’t hurt to do this on your own.

Other things to find out or conduct as part of your background search of the driver are –

  1. Asking about previous defensive driver training/ safety training (to get auto insurance discounts from safe driver classes)
  2. Alcohol abuse tests
  3. General Drug tests

Note -You absolutely must get this information from reliable and verified sources before letting any person behind the wheel of your car! Uber is a big company with lots of hands overseeing each step of the process, do not leave the control of your business and safety of your passengers up to anyone you don’t know personally – if you want to be successful, it’s just good business sense.



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