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Uber Partners and Drivers: Keep your 5-Star Rating!


Use These Tips – On Every Ride and Your Riders Will Reward You


When your driver signed up, Uber gave them some good beginner tips about how to launch a successful business. Through our experience networking with drivers worldwide, we learned industry secrets that explain how the Uber driver scores work and how to ensure their ratings remains high (getting the driver more opportunities for rides and putting more money in your pocket!)

Uber Partners and Drivers

Though star ratings, in theory, go from 1 star to 5 stars, you’ll never hear of uber riders getting picked up from 1, 2, or 3 star drivers. That’s because Uber controls rider traffic, and if an uber driver’s score is too low, Uber won’t allow the driver access to riders. This is how Uber ensures riders are more likely to have an amazing experience – so let’s be sure your driver(s) are in that group of well rated drivers!

Here’s the summary of our favorite tips to share with your drivers– and again, yes, they really need to do all of these everyday!

Before Your drivers being their Shift

  1. Dress for Success – We don’t mean uber drivers need to wear a suit, but they need to be sure they don’t look too casual. Tell your drivers to find comfortable, professional looking khakis, slacks, or even Dickie’s utility pants. For ladies, skirts and dresses are appropriate, if not too provocative or uncomfortable. Any of these are preferable to jeans or shorts. When the rider sees the driver, they instantly make a mental note of their professionalism that lasts throughout the ride.
  1. Clean Your Car Inside and Out – Yes, we’re serious. The highest rated uber drivers own an inexpensive hand held vacuum so dirt and other debris are not visible to riders.
  1. Consider Amenities for Your Rider – Pretty much everyone is dehydrated, so encouraging your driver to offer water to riders is a refreshing gesture to the riders. Similarly, gum or mints also make them feel more welcome and comfortable in your car. This small expense directly translates to higher profits and ratings for you and well worth the minimal cost. Visit bargain stores for great prices!

Become an Uber Driver

When Your driver accepts a Rider

  1. Courtesy Call Before Arriving – The driver needs to remember that the text may not be heard, and time is money for you. As the driver makes the last turn arriving to collect the rider, ensure they call them. Have the driver also confirm the color of the car, and that they’re arriving now.
  2. Make a Great Impression – When the driver sees the uber rider, have the driver greet them warmly and in a welcoming way.
  1. Door-to Door Service – As the rider approaches, ensure the driver exits the car safely, and opens the door for the rider(s). If the rider has luggage, ensure the driver offer’s to stow it or ask if they want it with them.
  1. Make Polite Conversation – Ensure the driver lets his/her passenger know how interesting it is to meet interesting people from all over the city and ask questions about what they like about Uber services (if they desire). Note – the caveat for this one recommendation is have your drivers make polite conversation ,only if desired by the rider, else this could backfire in the form of negative ratings for your driver. Some riders want peace and quiet!

As The Ride Ends

  1. Help Them Exit – At the destination point, ensure your uber driver reminds the rider(s) he/she will end the ride before getting their luggage, giving them more time to exit. Riders are eager to reach their destination, and so this gesture won’t actually cost the driver time – it actually saves time! 
  1. Thank Them for Riding – The uber driver’s last opportunity to earn 5 stars is to close out the ride with a lasting good impression. Have the driver wish them well on their day, and ask if they have all their belongings. Also have the driver(s) reiterate that they appreciate the opportunity to provide the rider(s) with safe and efficient transportation!

Teaching these tricks to your driver(s) and ensuring they use it for every ride guarantees you’re providing excellent and consistent service! Combining these tips with the other cost saving aspects of the UberXKit enables you to maximize revenue and control your costs.

Check back here often, or sign up to get new tips posted every week! We also cover trending topics relevant to the success of your business as an UberX entrepreneur, as well as cutting edge improvements on how to improve managing your business, like how to better control costs, and increase your revenue. Thanks again for visiting! We look forward to hearing from you about your experience and being a part of your new growing UberX business!


6 thoughts on “Uber Partners and Drivers: Keep your 5-Star Rating!”

  1. Ive done over 1000 trips in south florida my rating was as high at 1 point 4.80 then it dropped and it remained at 4.76 and 4.75 and.dropped to 4.74 then i got it back to 4.77 but now is 4.72 it seems like what i was always doing isnt working no more i did never really try to greet them as they leave with thnx for riding i will try it and see if it improves my rating overtime it seems like is hard to improve rating where im at because it is only divided by 500 and each new ride replaces one from.500.ago so if my next 40.trips were all 5 originally. 500 trips ago and my rating is 4.72 for.example all i can do is maintain it i need to hit a stretch where i got rated badly before and.be replacing them with 5s

  2. Cool tips. I’ve been an uber driver for years and some of these tips will really make a difference with your rating. Being polite is always effective in raising your ratings. I’d like to add some other tips which are not mentioned in this post. Mount your phone. Passengers won’t feel safe if they can see you holding your phone while driving. Read your passengers. It’s good to be friendly with passengers but sometimes you need to make sure that your passenger actually like talking while on the road especially nowadays that most people prefer being on their social media accounts while idle. There are circumstances that can’t be avoided, but always doing your best would be great.

  3. I have been thinking about this, but one thing you might do which is a little investment: Add WiFi to your auto, tell folks you have it, they would really appreciate that if they do not have unlimited data…good idea, or no?

    Just a thought.

  4. Its funny..cabs cost more n careless about rider comfort…i was a limo driver for a long time and these tips aound familar…the problem i have with rideshare is they want chauffeur like drivers but dont charge accordingly.

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