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Uber Partners, Why It Is Important To Review Passengers


Star Ratings Are Important to Owners as well as Drivers



Ah, the all important star rating. Those little grey/red stars are the lifeblood of your business – and they are equally as important to your riders. Uber’s passenger reviews are an opportunity for your driver(s) to be active in the marketplace and improve the Uber community as a whole.

Much like you only want riders who can actually pay for the fare, you also want to ensure that you (the Uber partner/ Owner or driver) are supporting the overall quality of the community, by empowering your driver(s) to perform accurate reviews on their experience with each rider.

Uber Partner 5 star Rating

You’ll know from our other post on star reviews for drivers how important this system is to the quality of your business. Thankfully, Uber feels the same way about only offering their services to riders who respect the driver, the car, and the service of excellent and safe door-to-door transportation. Just like your driver, if a passenger’s aggregate rating over time is low, they will likely be banned, or just not be picked up by Uber drivers. We don’t want those passengers who never fail to throw up in the car :)

We hope that every ride is a five star ride! You and your team of drivers can do many things to ensure that everyone has a five star experience. When the Uber driver doesn’t have a five star experience, as an owner it is your job to coach your drivers on the importance of leaving passenger feedback.

We don’t feel it is appropriate to give a rider a low rating because they have a conversation about politics and find they personally disagree on issues. We also don’t think low ratings are deserved if the rider is on their phone during a private ride or if the rider decides to be silent and not speak during the ride. Those are all really personal preferences.

Consider that 4 and three stars are damaging to the rating of riders, and so really anything less than five reflects a negative experience. As owners (or Uber Partners) ourselves, we personally deem any behavior that risks the value of your asset, the health and safety of your driver, or the health and safety of the rider are things which would merit a low rating for the fare. Things like a passenger- lighting up a cigarette without asking, dropping food, damaging your car, excessively dirtying your car (i.e. partygoers throwing up in your car), or distressing your driver are good reasons to rate a passenger low. We’d also like to note that any actual damage of your car by a rider should be reported to Uber immediately.

Again we hope that you have all happy, engaging, professional, and polite riders, but sometimes your team may experience fares which really do deserve low ratings. When that happens you should protect both your driving team as well as your physical assets by using the rating system and when necessary by following up with Uber directly about the situation.



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One thought on “Uber Partners, Why It Is Important To Review Passengers”

  1. Most riders only concern about them being pick up at said pick up point and did not care if the uber car can or can’t wait around the pick up. Also some riders are ok to allow uber driver to navigate base on navigator yet some commented it when the route went longer way. I do hope riders should be more cooperative esp on pick up points/venues.

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