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Uber Promo Code – How to get Uber Group Discounts


In response to questions our customer support received, we decided to write this blog post.  For people who have groups of over 30 people and are looking to use Uber to get transported, we describe how to get a significant discount.

Uber Promo Code

STEP 1 –Estimate the Number Of Uber SUVs You Need

If you estimate you need over 30 people picked up, that would mean that you will need   5 or more Uber SUVs  for your pickup (6 people per suv).

STEP 2 -Register For Multiple Uber accounts & Get Your Free Rides

Find one person in each planned pickup vehicle (Uber SUV) that does not have an Uber account and have that person  register for an Uber account using this link   www.uberkit.net/signup. Have them use the uber promo code uberKITue  (U – umbrella, B – ball, E – egg,  R – rat,  K – kite, I – ice, T – tom, U- umbrella, E -egg ), when they sign up, and each registered account should be credited with 1 free ride, up to about $20 each.


Remember Uber is an on demand service, so you will need to request for the SUVs at the time you need them from each individual account (via the rider app). As at 08/25, there is no scheduling via the Uber passenger app.




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