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More About Uber Real Time ID Check


Uber has come under fire in the past due to its perceived “relaxed” security policies when registering drivers on the Uber platform. In Austin, the issue of finger-printing drivers prompted Uber to halt its operations in Austin, Texas. Uber argued that requiring drivers to be fingerprinted as part of criminal background checks would hamper their seamless registration process. In an interview reported by CNN’s Heather Kelly, Uber’s former CEO, Kalanick, tried as much as possible to explain why fingerprinting would not be fair on Uber drivers and the Uber sign up process as a whole. Apart from the cost implication, the amount of time it takes to get through the process is also a big problem.

Kalanick also stated that by using fairer background check methods, Uber opens the chance for more people who have previous arrest records to work as independent contractors.

Now, Uber has introduced the Uber Real Time ID Check to beef up the apps’s security. This new feature was created to make riders feel more at ease and also prevent driver fraud.


What is Uber Real Time ID Check?

This is simply a facial recognition ID approval system for drivers. Uber drivers will be required to take selfies before they login into the driver app and start accepting rides. According to the Uber website, the company is proud to announce that Uber Real Time ID Check, Uber’s latest security feature which uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to protect both riders and drivers, is now live.

This feature will ensure that riders are picked up by the right drivers as they can now check if the selfie taken by the driver matches their picture on file.

Also, driver accounts are protected from fraud or being compromised. This extra layer of security is a great addition to the Uber business model.

Uber Real Time ID Check

How It Works

  • Drivers are asked periodically to take a selfie in the Uber app before they accept rides.
  • Uber will then use Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to immediately compare the selfie to the one corresponding with the account on file.
  • If both photos don’t match, the account is temporarily blocked and Uber will look into the situation.




Uber’s simplified way of doing business has been emulated by many start-up companies. The model seems to work as evidenced by the company’s growth over the years. However, Uber has faced bans in many cities as governing bodies in these cities feel Uber can employ stricter policies while registering new drivers. Hopefully, with this extra precaution introduced by Uber, the rideshare giant can receive warmer reception in these cities.

Riders can feel more relaxed knowing that they don’t have to worry about being picked up by sketchy characters. Also, Uber driver accounts are protected from being hacked.

This feature has been rolled out in the U.S and other countries around the world like Singapore, Malaysia and India. We hope to see it spread even further.


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