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Uber Rent: Uber’s Partnership With Getaround


Uber is famous for being a pioneer in rideshare. The rideshare giant still remains a force to reckon with due to its ability to introduce innovative solutions and make strategic partnerships. It is apparent that Uber is intent on revolutionizing the transportation industry. The company  acquired OTTO, the self-driving truck technology company and is also testing its self driving car pickup in Pittsburg.

Now, Uber is introducing a service called Uber Rent that will allow registered users rent listed cars on a car sharing platform called Getaround. Getaround is a player in the rideshare industry that enables car owners share their under-utilized vehicles with approved members on the Getaround platform. Uber Rent


More about  Uber Rent

Uber users will be able to rent cars listed Getaround cars right from the Uber app. The service is convenient and easy and users can rent all kinds of vehicles on an hourly or daily basis. The service will launch in San Francisco and hopefully will move to other cities. The cost of rental is free for the first day, and then renters will be charged a flat fee of $5 per day.


How to Use Uber Rent

According to Uber Newsroom, here is how you can sign-up and rent a vehicle through the Uber/ Getaround partnership:


  • Sign up to drive with Uber here: com/signup/drive/getaround/
  • Once approved, you’ll get an invite code to download the Getaround app
  • Select from different vehicle models and pickup locations for $5 per hour. If it’s your first trip with Getaround and Uber, your first day is free.
  • Pick up your vehicle at the designated parking spot with the Getaround App
  • When you’re done, drop the car back off in its dedicated parking space



What it means for Uber drivers

This is great news for Uber drivers who don’t own a car. Now, Uber drivers can earn money without the hassles associated with acquiring and maintaining a car. No commitments, no stress. Just find a car, rent and drive. It’s a simple and convenient way to earn money on the go.



Uber is making strides in the transportation industry by introducing simpler ways to ride and drive. The rideshare giant also recently purchased an electric bike rental company called Jump bikes. This partnership with Getaround is the recent in the company’s mission to change the face of transportation worldwide.


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