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What To Do When An Uber Rider Damages Your Vehicle


It is true that passengers are the life line of your Uber business; but what do you do when they cause you more harm than good? Before we explore this dilemma, every Uber driver needs to know that passengers can make or mar your Uber business. An Uber rider expects professional service from drivers at all times and drivers need to meet this expectation. Satisfied passengers will guarantee repeat businesses and help keep up your ratings.

Note that Uber drivers can be reported and terminated from the service if there are passenger reports of misconduct on the part of the drivers.

There are instances where as an Uber driver, you feel helpless and this can occur when a passenger damages your car. What is the next course of action? Uber Rider

Well, see below a few steps to take when an Uber rider damages your vehicle or makes a bad mess that will need significant cleaning.


Make an Official Report to Uber

Do not take the law into your hands. Make a report to Uber if the situation goes beyond the normal wear and tear.

According to the Uber website, “you may be eligible for an inconvenience fee of up to $250 based on the extent and nature of the damage.” Also, Uber will also help you when you make those insurance claims so that your car is fixed.

To back up your report, you must do the following:


  • You must make your report within 3 business days of the incident.
  • Take clear photos of the damage and make an accurate description of the accident. This is where dash cams are important. This will help the uber driver provide video recordings of the incident.
  • Get your car mechanic to provide a rough estimate of what the repair will cost within 5 business days of the incident.


If a mess that requires significant cleaning was made, you must do the following:

  • Take a picture of the mess and report this to Uber within 3 working days of the trip.
  • Uber will review the mess and send you a flat fee to cover the cleaning if it is deemed appropriate.
  • In other cases, if the rider is found responsible for the mess, Uber will contact the Uber rider and the rider will be charged the cleaning fee.
  • Make sure you provide accurate and sufficient proof to back your claims or you may not be reimbursed for your trouble.



Uber is making no promises in this case. Not every report made is found to be with merit. However, Uber is reassuring drivers that they will do their best to ensure the cost of the repairs and cleaning is not borne by the driver.



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