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More About The Uber Rider Preferred Program


Uber drivers and riders have seen the company through various changes including a management transition and exits from major regions and markets. In a bid to improve its services and retain drivers, Uber launched the 180 days of change in June 2017 to improve driver/partner experience. The San Francisco Ride-hailing Company, whose app-based service is gaining grounds around the world, is determined to remain an industry leader.

To improve service convenience, Uber added more features to its app to benefit its drivers. These features include a long trip notification feature, friendlier acceptance rate policy, 6 driver destination filters per and many more. Now, Uber is introducing a rider preferred program to appreciate exceptional drivers. Rider Preferred


More About the Uber Rider Preferred program

According to Uber, “Rider Preferred is a designation for drivers designed to recognize those who’ve received extraordinary rider feedback on the highest percentage of their trips.” Simply, the Rider Preferred will serve to reward drivers who are frequently recognized and complimented by riders for delivering exceptional service.


How it works

These Uber drivers make up about 2% of Uber drivers and they will be selected to become Rider Preferred twice a year. These elite group of drivers will be sent a recognition package and an “exclusive Rider Preferred designation in the app to let riders know whenever they’re matched with one of these amazing drivers.” Also, drivers will be given an extra $1 to every tip recognized drivers receive in the following month.

The recognition package includes:

  • A “Rider Preferred” sticker for your vehicle
  • A custom black Uber travel mug
  • A video greeting card
  • A thank you note from Uber’s VP and Head of New Modalities, Rachel Holt


What is expected of Uber drivers

Being an exemplary Uber driver is not a tall order. There are certain levels of professionalism you must strive to attain to help improve passenger experience and get those desired tips. When a customer is satisfied with your service, they are generally generous and also give you the much desired 5-star ratings. What do you have to lose? Get to driving and on your way to earning a Rider Preferred badge.



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